Combining rich interactive fiction with classic RPG gameplay for mobile, Tunnels & Trolls Adventures will let you play through iconic adventures like Naked Doom, Buffalo Castle, Deathtrap Equalizer and more. The world of Tunnels & Trolls is filled with tough decisions, devious traps, and monstrous encounters where the risks are only rivaled by the rewards. Roll your stats, choose your kindred and begin your legendary adventures   

  • Combines classic Sword & Sorcery role-playing with rich “choose your own adventure” style interactive fiction
  • Remastered for mobile with hand-drawn art, audio and music
  • Old school RPG intensity – traps & encounters are unforgiving, but for the hearty and lucky great treasures await  Forge your hero from one of the four kindred races – Humans, Elves, Dwarves or Hobbs
  • Let the dice fall where they may as they careen across the screen to decide your fate
  • Includes adventures  from legendary RPG designers Ken St. Andre, Rick Loomis & Michael Stackpole…with more to come!
  • Adapted from the classic pen & paper Tunnels & Trolls role-playing system by Ken St. Andre
  • Featuring original illustrations by famed artists Liz Danforth, Josh Kirby  and  Peter Laird. 

If you want to read more about our history with Tunnels & Trolls, please go here.