TestFlight Instructions

We use TestFlight to manage all pre-release builds of the MetaArcade Adventure Player.  TestFlight is an official app from Apple specifically made for this purpose.  Please keep in mind that TestFlight will associate itself with your Apple ID email, and that should be the email that we send our iOS Beta invites to.  The instructions below should be carried out on the mobile iOS device you want to play on.

1. First, look for an email from "TestFlight", it should look similar to this:

2. Click on the link in red above, and it will take you to the App Store directly to the TestFlight App.

3. Click the "GET" button to start the download.

4. Then click the "INSTALL" button to install the TestFlight App.

5. Once that installs, you can open TestFlight and you will see the following screen.

6. Now, go back to the email in Step 1. This time, click the "Start Testing" button.

7. This will take you back into the TestFlight App, but you will see the following screen:

8. Click "INSTALL" and it will install the latest build of the MetaArcade Adventure Player.

9. Once installation is finished, you will see an "OPEN" button. Click it to launch the MetaArcade Adventure Player.

10. That's it! You should be in the MetaArcade Adventure Player now.  For the future, you will not need to go back into TestFlight to open the App. It will be on one of your home screens for future use. 


If you encounter any problems, please write to support@metaarcade.com.