MMORPG.com - PAX West 2016 Best in Show

"David Reid’s resurrection of Tunnels and Trolls at Meta Arcade is genius. For those who don’t remember T&T, think of it like a one-player Dungeons & Dragons with a style that’s akin to reading a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. Naked Doom is one of the hardest and most addictive games we played at PAX West, and it’s basically just reading text, making decisions, and rolling dice with your chosen (but created) character. It’s simple, well-made, has great sound design, and I cannot wait to see more T&T adventures come to the platform. Oh… and you’ll be able to make your own adventures and sell them on the Meta Arcade shop too. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it."

Gameskinny - 7 Indie Games That Crushed It at PAX West 2016

"This choose-your-own adventure title is a welcomed return to what made RPGs so great. You're free to pick from a number of branching paths that will ultimately lead you to great success or a horrible demise. (I got eaten by a Balrog. And eviscerated by bats. And drowned in beer...) Accompanied by a rich narrative and hand-drawn images, Tunnels & Trolls: Naked Doom is a great game for anyone who wants the DnD experience without sinking hours into minimal progress on a campaign. "




"If you’re too young to remember the old black and white Tunnels & Trolls role-playing books from the 70s and 80s you should still recall the Choose Your Own Adventure books. These stories allowed you to create your own personal role-playing story, crafted by the choices you make on each page. MetaArcade’s new Adventure Creator recreates this system, giving the tools to craft these user-friendly RPG adventures directly into players’ hands.

MetaArcade acquired the Tunnels & Trolls license, allowing them to produce the over 30 published adventures. In addition to creating these adventures, the release of the Adventure Creator will allow anyone to make their own text-based dungeon-crawling adventures. At PAX South I helped create a classroom section that rewarded the player based on three different choices. I look forward to what great story-tellers can do given this nifty tool."

Destructoid - MetaArcade showed me a choose your own adventure creator, and I ruined it

"I love the idea of a choose-your-own-adventure creator, especially one as full-featured and responsive as the MetaArcade Adventures Platform [MAAP]. It's got a refreshing, old-school vibe, with plenty of room for users to re-contextualize everything as they see fit. [...] From what I've seen, I think MAAP could be that outlet for a lot of people."