Tunnels & Trolls Adventures, v.1.1.53

Thank you for supporting us at launch! We've loved hearing your support and feedback over the past few weeks. Please continue to send us feedback at support@metaarcade.com so we can continue to make this game even better!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where characters were getting their stats messed up after pausing and resuming an adventure, and occasionally after starting a brand new one. If you ended up with super strong characters, or characters with negative Constitution this was the cause. 
  • Fixed various text errors: misspellings, grammar, clipped text, etc... English is hard.
  • Fixed ambient sounds ending prematurely during an adventure.
  • Fixed the bug where the game may get stuck on 'Downloading Updates'.
  • A lot of fixes behind the scenes to clean things up and increase performance.

Known Issues 

  • Initial download of new content can take a long time, especially on slower connections. We're looking to improve performance in this regard soon!
  • On iOS, the Ring/Silent switch will mute the game completely.