Sneak Peek 4.0

Sneak Peek 4 is now available! However, this will be the last Sneak Peek build we will have out before we release on the Apple App Store and Google Play! Exciting stuff, eh? Stay tuned by connecting with us at!


  • Since this is the last Sneak Peek build, we’ve unlocked adventures so that you can play your characters through them as MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT.
  • There was a wandering monster in Buffalo Castle and in the PAX Day 1 MegaAdventure with an old orc image that now has a picture of a new scary orc, a brand new illustration from the lovely and talented Liz Danforth! 

Known Issues:

  • Buffalo Castle Map Crash Bug - Pausing the game while accessing the map of Buffalo Castle may cause the game to spontaneously crash, causing loss of progress within the adventure. Please avoid doing this until we are able to determine the cause and implement a fix.

And for those that are new, here’s the recommended adventure path to optimize your fun with a new Character.

  1. Buffalo Castle
  2. PAX South MegaAdventure Day 1
  3. PAX South MegaAdventure Day 2
  4. Naked Doom
  5. PAX South MegaAdventure Day 3