Sneak Peek 3.1

Patch Notes for Sneak Peek 3.1
• Major Update: balancing the PAX South MegaAdventure
o Lots of tuning to mitigate the very un-fun experience of “unending combats,” where your character wasn’t tough enough to beat the opposing monster but the monster couldn’t punch through your armor. The specific changes involved include:
• Changed the armor you receive at the start of each adventure. For Day 1, you’ll only get the Target Shield. In Day 2 and 3, you’ll get a few pieces of Leather Armor to help ward off combat damage. This will make your choice to use two weapons or sword and shield more impactful.
• Switched out monsters to ensure we had lower difficulty combats in Day 1, scaling up to some very tough ones in Day 3. This helps to mitigate having a character who can’t defeat a typical monster but still can’t lose in combat—with the goal of eliminating the chance for “unending combats.”
• Similarly, we updated the saving roll difficulties in each adventure to be a bit more even across the board. You’ll principally make Level 1 saving rolls in Day 1. Saving rolls start creeping up to Level 2 in Day 2 and there are several Level 3 rolls in Day 3. You can probably get through Day 1 with new characters barring bad luck on your saving rolls, but as you progress, you’ll want to spend Adventure Points to level up your attributes to make sure you can get through some of those Level 3 rolls in Day 3.
o Recommended adventure path: if you’re starting a new character, you’ll likely find it more enjoyable and appropriately challenging if you proceed through the adventures as follows:
1. Buffalo Castle
2. PAX South MegaAdventure Day 1
3. PAX South MegaAdventure Day 2
4. Naked Doom
5. PAX South MegaAdventure Day 3

That said, you can certainly play through them all in any order you like! 
• Keep in mind completing Naked Doom earlier will probably make the adventures you play afterwards easier as you stand to earn a lot of Adventure Points and can increase your attributes substantially in the Sword Room and the Pool of Greatness. 
• Trying Day 3 of the PAX South MegaAdventure with a new character will likely result in many deaths. There are some hard saving rolls and a few very tough monsters there. You have been warned!