Sneak Peek 3.0

Major Updates

  • The PAX South MegaAdventure!
    • Play through all 3 days of the PAX South MegaAdventure, created live on the show floor of the event with help from fans like you! If you helped us craft the MegaAdventure during the show and put your name in the adventure, you’ll find it there in all its well-deserved glory.
  • Be sure to bring your more veteran adventurers when delving into these adventures as some of the monsters and saving rolls are quite demanding!
  • Characters will earn loot and Adventure Points in the MegaAdventure, be sure to spend your Adventure Points to improve your stats!
  • Colored art for Buffalo Castle
  • In Sneak Peek 2, we introduced Buffalo Castle, the first solo adventure ever written for any game, sporting brand new art from the legendary Liz Danforth. In this update, we’ve brought on the mighty Steve Crompton to digitally color much of Liz’s new art. We’ve also color coded the corridors on different sides of the castle to help you orient yourself.

Minor Updates
• We’ve introduced a tweak to the dice to speed up the resolution process—let us know what you think.
• We’ve also reduced the interactive space for the character stat bar at bottom of screen to lessen the potential of clicking it by accident when you’re trying to click one of the options in a room. Please give us your feedback on this as well.
• Multiple fixes to improve memory usage and overall performance.

Known Issues
• Buffalo Castle Map Crash Bug
o Pausing the game while accessing the map of Buffalo Castle may cause the game to spontaneously crash, causing loss of progress within the adventure. Please avoid doing this until we are able to determine the cause and implement a fix.
• Buffalo Castle colored art issue
o We’ve noticed in playtesting that sometimes the colored art of Buffalo Castle is replaced by the original black and white illustration when you revisit a room you’ve already been to, or after a combat or saving roll occurs and the room is reloaded. We’re aware of this and intend to fix it in our next update.
• Random Crash during extended playthroughs
o During playtesting, we’ve found an occasional crash which happens if you play for a long period of time. In these cases, we’ve seen you are able to restart the app and continue your adventure from where you left off. We are troubleshooting this actively, so if you notice any patterns, please let us know.
• Inventory
o Much like Sneak Peek 2, inventory is still not persistent and is cashed out for loot at the end of each adventure.
o The inventory screen has not been optimized yet. Manage your inventory aggressively, otherwise it looks like it was organized by a goblin and becomes somewhat unsightly.