We debuted the Adventure Creator to the public at PAX South 2017, where we saw fans create the MegaAdventure, consisting of more than 350 individual rooms to explore! Play it now in early access by signing up at!
On this episode of the MetaReport, David reveals our Sneak Peak is happening now and what you can do to get your hands on our first game, Naked Doom. Find out more by visiting!
On this episode of the MetaReport, CEO David Reid reveals MetaArcade's plans to debut the digital prototype of Tunnels & Trolls at Gen Con, held Aug. 4-7 in Indianapolis.
MetaArcade Founder & CEO David Reid today announced the studio's first project, the MetaArcade Adventures Platform, which will enable users to play, create and self-publish adventure games featuring narrative-driven mechanics. The company also announced the platform's first title will be a digital remastering of the iconic tabletop role-playing game Tunnels & Trolls, available later this year for iOS, Android, PC and Mac.