HockeyApp Instructions

We use HockeyApp to manage all pre-release builds of the MetaArcade Adventure Player for Android Devices.    Please keep in mind that we are sending the invite to the email that we think is associated with your Android device. The instructions below should be carried out on the mobile Android device you want to play on.  

1. Create a HockeyApp Account

You will get an invitation email from HockeyApp that looks similar to the email below to participate in the program. In the Invite email, click the "Show Invitation" link:   

2. It will take you to a website ( that looks like this.  Click the "Register" link at the bottom of this page.  (If you’re already a HockeyApp user on your Android device, you can skip this step and proceed to Step 8).   

3. This will take you to another page (, that looks like this.  Enter your information here and click “Register”.   Do NOT check “I’m a developer”.   

4. Download the HockeyApp App

Download the HockeyApp app on your Android device.  From your original Invite email, click on the “Register Device” link from Step 1:   

5. REGISTER DEVICE Step 1: Find your “Settings” screen and ensure “Unknown Sources” is Enabled (it might also be called “Allow installation from sources other than the Play Store”). 

6. REGISTER DEVICE Step 2: Click the “Download HockeyApp” button.  This will start a download process for a file called “HockeyAndroid-Private-3.1.1-392.apk” (your version number for this download may be different at the time of your download.  You’ll get a screen like this one below, go ahead and click “Ok”:   

Once you Click “Ok”, a download will start and complete shortly. Once the download is complete, click the “Install” button at the bottom of the screen. Once HockeyApp has installed, it will ask you to open the app.  Go ahead and click the “Open” button at the bottom. 

7.   Installing MetaArcade Adventures through HockeyApp:

After you open HockeyApp on your device, you will be presented with this screen.  Click “Sign In”. 

8. After you click “Sign In”, you’ll be presented with a screen that asks you to Authorize this device from your email address.  Click the “Authorize” button.     

9. You’ll see the following screen, verifying that you have access to install the MetaArcade Adventures app through HockeyApp.  Click the “Beta” button on this screen.   

10. When you click on the “Beta” button, you’ll see a screen similar to this.  This is the HockeyApp screen to download the latest version of MetaArcade Adventures.  Your screen may have some differences in App version, Released dates, size, etc, as you may be downloading a later version that was taken in this picture below.  Click the round, blue “download” button in the bottom righthand corner.

10a. NOTE:  Sometimes, on some android devices, you will get the following error:

This can be caused by some apps requiring different overlap permissions.  This is a common issue with some software packages on recent Android OS’es and can cause issues with several applciations you try to use and install.  You can often correct this issue by removing the offending programs.    You can typically resolve this by doing a Google Search for “Android phone screen overlay” and find several resources to correct.  Apps like Twilight, Lux, or CM Speed Booster can all cause this.  You can also follow this link for suggestions:

If this happens, exit HockeyApp, take remedial action with your apps as described in the link above, and return to HockeyApp to continue the process. 

11. Once the MetaArcade Adventures app has finished downloading, you’ll see a screen like this.  Click “Install”.  

12. While MetaArcade Adventures is installing, you’ll see a screen like the one on the left.  Once the app is completely installed, you’ll see the screen on the right.  Once the app is installed, you can click the “Open” button to launch the MetaArcade Adventures app.  

Now you are ready to play!

 What happens next?

You’ll receive an email from HockeyApp each time a new version of MetaArcade Adventures is released as part of the Early Access Program.  You can follow the instructions in those emails, or simply go directly into HockeyApp and find the latest version of MetaArcade Adventures and download it to enjoy the newest features!