We’re Going to PAX – Sweepstakes Winners Announced!

And the winners of our PAX West Sweepstakes are: Krista Heath and Brenda Challender! CONGRATULATIONS!

These lucky folks will each receive a complete set of PAX West badges to attend the show and are invited to take part in any and all MetaArcade shenanigans that may occur, including our impromptu bar-crawl following the show (stay tuned to our socials for the gathering point; all are welcome)!

Want to join us for some fun at PAX? Visit booth 7615 and say ‘hello!’

We’ll be demoing Tunnels & Trolls: Naked Doom, showing off several new features, giving away more copies of our latest solo-adventure Grimtina’s Guard, and giving fans the opportunity to score some brand new MetaArcade gear, available only during PAX! And don’t forget, the adventurer with the highest score at the end of the show will be awarded a one of a kind limited edition PAX exclusive prize featuring Tunnels & Trolls art by the legendary Josh Kirby (it looks seriously awesome).

Lastly, we’ll be announcing the next adventure available for T&T during the show! We won’t give any hints before show time, but for the seasoned T&T player, this is surely a no-brainer and you won’t be disappointed.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @MetaArcade for more exciting news as we near the show, and we hope to see you there!