MetaArcade at PAX South 2017 [Recap]

Whew! PAX South was exhilarating, exhausting, and downright extraordinary! The MetaArcade team showed up in force as the crowds descended upon our booth, and we could not have been more pleased with the turn out to witness the debut of our Adventure Creator. PAX attendees from across the world swarmed to be among the first to get their hands on our Adventure Creator and subsequently create their own room in the PAX South MegaAdventure.


Including many firsts for our company, this show was our first PAX South, the first time our entire team attended a PAX together, the first time none of us made any poor choices regarding food options, and the first time anyone outside our team set eyes on the Adventure Creator! We could truly feel the buzz spreading across the show floor, as people would run off because they “had to go grab some of their friends to bring back to the booth,” or as we witnessed numerous younger attendees pleading with their parents to stay just a little longer so they could build their own room in the MegaAdventure. We even heard from one attendee that MetaArcade was briefly mentioned in a PAX South town hall meeting about getting into the industry, and pointing to the ease with which our platform will allow individuals to publish their creative works. We never found out who was singing our praises, but it was exciting to hear word of our project was making its way around the convention—thank you!


The PAX South MegaAdventure was a blast to see come to together as well. What started as a neat way to attract a few people into the booth quickly turned into a constant river of attendees eagerly watching, planning, and then working with David and Greg to form their adventure. Admittedly, we didn’t know going into the show just how much stress we could put on the Adventure Creator at one time, but it held its own and attendees managed to create over 100 instances on the first day alone. By midday of the second day, the Adventure Creator had become so popular, we were having to group individuals together to build a room, just to ensure everyone had a chance to try it out! We ended the convention with a sprawling adventure with more than 350 instances, and hundreds of rooms to explore.

This was truly the highlight of the show for us. The past 6 months of development have been a constant march forward, taking one hill after another, and to finally see the fruits of our labor in such high demand, despite still hosting the “Prototype” label, propelled us forward, taking several discussions deep into the night about how the team could expedite getting the Adventure Creator into the hands of our ever growing community. We’re continuing to work on finding an answer, because we can’t wait for you all to dive in and help us create a platform for anyone, regardless of skill.

As previously witnessed at GenCon, PAX West, and the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, our game and platform resonated with attendees of all ages. Old school tabletop players loved the accessibility and the future promise of transcribing their own campaigns of old into an easy to use digital experience; younger attendees flocked to the “game” within the narrative, leaving parents in awe—“You’ve gotten them to read! They never are this interested in books at home or in school,”; and newcomers to the tabletop world found it easy to pick up and learn on the go, without the traditional “learning session” often synonymous with more traditional RPGs and their rulesets.


The indie media and creator community at PAX South were incredibly kind to us too, their treatment of our team and project simply outstanding. You can read some of the very humbling things they had to say about us by checking out our

Press feed.


On and off the show floor, the shenanigans continued. PAX South is located smack dab in the middle of downtown San Antonio, conveniently bordering the San Antonio Riverwalk. A beautiful city with more TexMex and Southern BBQ than you can shake a stick at, margaritas served in goblets fit for a king and several large goldfish, and of course, burritos the size of your head.

We were lucky enough to meet with dozens of old acquaintances, including some of our good friends at Curse who invited us to the Twitch party Friday night. There, we couldn’t resist but partake in an assortment of fine cigars, whiskies, and for at least one of us, the karaoke…*cough* David. In all fairness, our CEO, Founder, and fearless leader has quite the knack for the stage, and in a perfect baritone provided several hundred party goers with a rendition of “My Way” that’d bring a tear even to Frank Sinatra’s eye.


The singing didn’t stop there–after the show ended, as we started disassembling the booth and preparing for our flights home, David continued to sing the praises of our community.

“It’s always a blast to come to PAX, and there’s really nothing like meeting with your community in person and getting their real-time impressions of your work on the spot. We owe a lot to our fans and are gearing up for our next chance to meet them at upcoming shows, and to get more adventures and the Adventure Creator itself into their hands as soon as we can.”

-David Reid, Founder & CEO

Stay tuned for more information—on the near-term horizon, you can expect an updated Sneak Peek build soon, with the PAX South MegaAdventure ready for you to play!


Team MetaArcade