Preparing For Early Access and Our Next Adventure!

Good news everyone! Ever since the MetaArcade team returned from PAX West we’ve continued to make significant strides in our development and have a few updates to share with you today:

Development of Naked Doom continues full speed ahead, and in the next month we’ve marked our calendars to begin early access, inviting everyone who has signed up via our website, or at Gen Con or PAX West, to download the latest build of the game on both iOS and Android (PC & Mac to follow).

What’s more, we’ve begun scripting the next adventure for you to play should you survive the perils of Naked Doom. Our friend Ken St. Andre, the creator of Tunnels & Trolls, has been hard at work remastering Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon for play within the MetaArcade platform. Once early access begins, this will be one of the first content updates we intend for players to get their hands on.

Lastly, this week we are finalizing the assembly of our initial blueprints for what will become “MetaArcade Content Creator 0.1”—a much sexier and more fitting name is in the works, we promise. Writers, artists, and musicians, stay tuned! We’ll be looking to bring a few VIP creators in to test throughout several stages of development.

In the meantime, please continue to follow us on Facebook/Twitter, and if you have friends and family who would enjoy participating in early access than encourage them to sign-up on our homepage and we’ll ensure they get access!


Team MetaArcade