Gen Con Recap

Gen Con 2016: Our First Show

Wow, and what a show it was! Gen Con 2016 was truly a blast for the MetaArcade team, during which we debuted our prototype, hung out with our partners at Flying Buffalo, made some incredible new friends and memories, and received all kinds of valuable first-time feedback about our game. By the end of the con, we’d had hundreds of people demo the game (rarely was there an open seat), witnessed old-school Tunnels & Trolls fans jump with glee and try their best to recall the “correct” choices of Naked Doom, received some incredibly nice compliments from the likes of Geek & Sundry, Social Times, and Nerd Union, and on top of it all, we found our game to be a hit among the younger gamers in the crowd! Having never shown the app before in public, we really had no idea how new fans and old would react to our digital adaptation of Ken St. Andre’s works, and in the end we could not have asked for a better first show and initial reception.

We took loads of pictures and videos along the way, and thought we’d share some of our favorite moments here to recap the show!


The booth was packed from open to close every day, with some people even coming back multiple times to try and make it all the way through the dungeon. Hearing the players try and help one another survive Naked Doom was a lot of fun.


We caught dozens of Tunnels & Trolls fans who hadn’t heard of our digital remastering performing double-takes as they passed by the booth, and made sure to pull them in for a demo. And they loved it! Many old-school fans commented that while they loved having their print collection of the adventures, they had long wished to be able to take T&T with them on their travels, commutes to work, or simply access them at home without having to dig through boxes. For them, the game hit the spot and provided the same thrilling experience that their analog copies do with the additional bonus of the new art plus full sound effects and music.

Now, for those of you unable to join us in Indianapolis, here are a couple of sneak peeks at our prototype in action after just 12 weeks of development from our team:


As veteran players would expect from Naked Doom, landing on the “You ARE Dead!!!!” screen was a common occurrence at Gen Con. For our next show, we’ve already decided we need a display keeping track of how each player meets their untimely demise in the dungeon. Swag will be obviously need to be involved. #spoilers


This young adventurer (right) was not the only youth to pick up the game and play through like she’d owned it for as long as some of the old-school Tunnels & Trolls fans. She successfully navigated her way through the dungeon, and even managed to slay a Shoggoth along the way!


Now THIS is the reaction we expect upon encountering a Shoggoth!


One parent mentioned how she’d been trying relentlessly to get her little ones to pick up a book or some sort of reading material, and how with this demo we’d provided them the perfect balance of storytelling and gamification to hold their interest.


We also learned a considerable amount about what it takes to make a game truly accessible for all gamers from several of our demo players who graciously gave us some of their time to chat. Many of the team at MetaArcade have worked at studios that have partnered with groups like The AbleGamers Charity (please follow/support them @AbleGamers #SoEveryoneCanGame), and we’re looking forward to doing the same here as we move forward with development.


All work and no play makes Batman a dull boy, so we were delighted to see him kick back with some Tunnels & Trolls.


We got to meet with several different press outlets, like Techraptor here, and will be sharing all the news as it continues to come out along with several giveaways of Grimtina’s Guard!

And let’s not forget our amazing partners at Flying Buffalo! It was truly an honor to stand beside them as they celebrated their 40th consecutive Gen Con, and MetaArcade could not have been happier to hear they had their best Gen Con yet for both sales and tournament attendance!


From left to right Back row: Ken St. Andre @Trollgodfather, Rick Loomis @BuffaloRick, Greg Buron @CrankyOldGamer, David Reid @Pokethulhu, Ingrid Hill @Cheshiiirre Front row: Jim “Bear” Peters, Chris Toomey @TheRealTailypo, Steve Crompton


And that’s a wrap! Here @TrollGodFather and @CrankyOldGamer enjoy a couple well deserved drinks after a long day’s work. (Plus Ken's Mad Hatter costume was out of this world!)

For those of you who might have missed us this year, fret not! We’ve already put down our deposit for next year, this time reserving a bigger booth space to enable even more demos to take place while remaining alongside our partners at Flying Buffalo. And with that, we’ll look forward to seeing you at Gen Con 2017!