MetaArcade Pitches to Investors at MGF Seattle + Portland Retro Gaming Expo road trip!

Good news everyone! Despite keeping crazy busy as we lead into early access this month, the MetaArcade team not only made an appearance at Mobile Games Forum Seattle this week, but is at this moment en route on a weekend road trip to Portland, Oregon, for the annual Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Here’s the full scoop:

MGF Venture Den

At Mobile Games Forum Seattle this week, we exchanged ideas with dozens of the industry’s leading minds, took in some incredible panel discussions and presentations, and walked away with some new and exciting ideas for our own project, the MetaArcade platform. To top it off, we were fortunate enough to have been selected as a finalist for the Venture Den, a “Shark Tank”-like pitching event featuring up and coming mobile games and technology. 

David gave an incredible presentation of MetaArcade and our self-publishing platform, and the welcome we received was overwhelmingly warm. We were both humbled and honored to be named as the event’s 2nd place runner up (rumored by an ever so thin margin). We’d like to extend our thanks for this special opportunity to MGF, as well as our congratulations to our mobile comrades and the event’s 1st place contestant Oshien: superbly done! We encourage you to keep an eye on these folks, we certainly will be.


And that brings us to this weekend; we are taking a road trip to Portland, Oregon to make an appearance at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in booth 702! We’ll be demoing our Naked Doom prototype, dishin’ out some swag, and introducing more of our “behind the scenes” ninja squad as they continue to kick ass and take names (for early access that is!). If you’re in the area, don’t miss out; come join us for all the shenanigans and juicy, retro gaming love that #PRGE2016 has to offer.

P.S. If you’ve signed up for early access, keep your eyes peeled on your inbox this coming week.

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Team MetaArcade