Announcing MetaArcade, Seattle’s Newest Indie Developer

David Reid here, distinguished gentleman, aspiring Scotch connoisseur, and long-time veteran of the video games industry. I’ve had the great fortune to be part of some amazing products over the years—a few of the highlights that stand out for me include working on the launch team for Xbox 360 at Microsoft, serving as Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Producer of EVE Online at the mighty CCP Games, and most recently leading the publishing efforts for Gigantic as a proud member of Motiga. It’s been an absolute blast, but for all the fun I’ve had launching and marketing games, I’ve always had the itch to create my own.

So today I’m thrilled and maybe just a little bit terrified to share what I’m doing for my next act: I’ve started an indie game developer here in the Seattle area called MetaArcade. I’m fired up to finally let the cat out of the bag, and I hope you’ll share in my excitement as I take the next steps towards making this dream of mine into a reality.

The seeds for MetaArcade emerged for me shortly after the launch of Xbox 360. The digital transition in video games was fully underway, and with it came a refreshing new breed of games from independent developers. Indies started finding success by breaking away from traditional formulas employed to deliver content in favor of new, exciting and sometimes even strange ways of driving narrative.

The revolution didn’t just stop with developers—what once was something of an “ivory tower” industry now finds its consumer—the gamer—at the center of everything. Community interaction and feedback have emerged as critical parts of making a successful game. Dedicated gamers found higher levels of fulfillment by unlocking every achievement on the journey towards beating a game, and developers who fostered this dedication were rewarded with critical acclaim. With innovations in blogging, streaming, social media and crowdfunding empowering gamers more than ever, the distance between the gamer and the game developer has never been narrower.

All of these things and more have left their imprint on me, and ultimately led me to the genesis of MetaArcade.

With MetaArcade’s first game already underway, it won’t be long before I check in again to share more of what we’ll be up to in the coming year. In the meantime, the easiest way to get the latest news will be to give @MetaArcade a follow on Twitter and like us on Facebook. And of course, you can always ping me personally on Twitter @Pokethulhu. I’d love to chat and your interest won’t go unnoticed!