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Please let me introduce myself – my name is Kostya, and I am the senior producer on the MetaArcade team. As we get closer to the release, I would like to share some information on a feature we are all very excited about: our Social Hub that lies at the core of the new MetaArcade Platform.

As a lifelong gamer, I have always considered games to be a social activity. Those of us who played Prince of Persia on ancient PCs and dreamt of Metaverse are now vindicated: the extreme popularity of game streaming, world tournaments in various cybersports disciplines and the meteoric rise of tabletop RPG social gaming phenomena such as Critical Role prove that the future of entertainment is truly interactive and social.

So, when we started thinking about the things that we would need to create a successful interactive fiction platform, we realized that we needed to build a social network. It was, quite literally, a dream project for me! And so, the MetaArcade Social Hub was born.

What is the MetaArcade Social Hub? Put simply, it is the glue that binds all other components of the platform together: the Player client, the Creator tool, and – of course! – you, the adventurer and the author.  

MetaArcade Hub.png

The first aspect of the Hub I would like to talk about is the blog engine. On the first day of our launch, any registered user will be able to create blog posts and leave comments on the posts of others. If you are passionate about a certain genre, or would like to share news about an adventure you are working on, you may find this feature very useful. Of course, you can subscribe to the blogs of other people, and customize your feed so that you only get relevant news and information.  

The second feature involves user communities. Anyone will be able to create and join user groups – places where you can discuss various topics, collaborate on content creation, or share interesting news. Groups can be public (meaning anyone can join) or private, and, of course, you can belong to several groups at once.

The third, and possibly the most exciting, feature is the global adventure catalog. Our vision is to create a ‘Netflix of interactive fiction:’ a single place where anyone can find content they like, share it with their friends, and contribute their own stories. So, the new MetaArcade website will feature all adventures – both created by us and the community – in a unified, searchable library. Once you find a story you like, you’ll be able to launch it in the Player with a single click.

Adventure Catalog.png

How is it all tied together? With a MetaArcade account. Once you register, you will not only be able to access the social features on the website, but also to use this account to log into the Player and Creator software. Information about the adventures you own and played will be tied to your account and stored in the cloud; an account will also be required to publish adventures you create. In the future, performing various activities on your account will also earn you achievements, and help you explore the enigmatic MetaNarrative, should you wish to do so.

Most of these features are coming in Closed Beta, which is planned for February, but you don’t have to wait if you want to join the community! In our Discord channel, adventurers rally as we speak, intrepid heroes are being called to arms, and interesting fireside chats occur. Join us as we count down the days to the first public release of the MetaArcade Platform!

Safe travels,