Calling All Creators!

Those of you who have been watching MetaArcade closely might have noticed that I’m coming up on three years with the company; we were “born” on February 9, 2016.

Like any startup, we’ve had—and continue to have—great successes and commensurate challenges. And with our three-year anniversary just around the corner, we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to these past few months.

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From the beginning, the vision of MetaArcade has been to empower people to create, publish and monetize their own interactive stories. We started in RPGs because we are passionate RPG players and fans. And that passion for the hobby taught us something very important: RPG players are the best interactive storytellers in the world, as we’ve created, shared, bought and sold interactive narrative for decades in the form of our adventures and campaigns.

As a company, we’ve had great fun and learned a lot from our first two products. With Tunnels & Trolls Adventures, we aimed for an authentic remastering of the iconic tabletop game for digital play. Players loved the dice, the level progression, and the classic solo adventure feel. For Cthulhu Chronicles, we explored new ideas like pre-generated characters and the “wheel of Cthulhu” to let you focus more on the narrative horror of Lovecraft’s universe—in short, we leaned into the idea of an adventure as an interactive story.

Today we’re announcing what’s next. We’ve taken your feedback and the lessons we’ve learned from creating and operating T&T Adventures and Cthulhu Chronicles. Your feedback has shaped what we believe is a truly powerful and complete expression of our vision. And we’re bringing it to you in closed beta next month—February—so we can hear your feedback on this part of the journey. Naturally, it’s very early and a bit raw, but we’re far enough along that we’re ready to hear your thoughts.

We are bringing you the first iteration of our full platform, and it is called, simply, MetaArcade.

Part of what we’ve realized by developing, launching and operating two games is that, at the end of the day, the MetaArcade vision isn’t about making games per se.

It’s about building the platform where all of us, and all of our friends, can play every adventure ever written by anyone. For any RPG system, and ultimately any story in any genre of fiction, in a satisfyingly interactive game. For any player at any time, regardless of whether they are new or veterans. Without having to learn a bunch of different rule systems.

Let’s learn the stories of each adventure in every campaign for every RPG, including ones we created and our friends created. If we want to learn more about the specific mechanics of what makes a game special, we can go get the tabletop game. MetaArcade will be the place where you can discover, play, create and share any adventure you can think of.


Here's some of what’s new in MetaArcade:

  • All universes will exist in one app. When we launch closed beta next month, you’ll find some Tunnels & Trolls, some Cthulhu Chronicles, and a little of a new universe we’ve created ourselves. And we’ll grow from there—both with other universes we partner with, adventures you create in those universes, and new universes you create.

  • Adventures will be monetized with a ‘premium content’ approach rather than a ‘free to play’ approach. In plain language, you’ll charge prices for your adventures in simple currencies, and players who purchase will own them outright forever. This is how RPG players have been buying adventures on pen and paper for decades, and it’s how we conduct PDF purchases now.

  • The platform will be on PC and mobile. After all, you may want to play on mobile and then create on a computer. We’re adding unified accounts so your content will be available to you across devices—play on your computer or your phone as you prefer, and all your content will always be available on any device.


There’s a lot more detail to share, and a few surprises we still have in store. We’ll update you here in the MetaArcade blog every week until closed beta kicks off in February. If you’re keen to get a little closer to the metal, drop us an email to and you can also join MetaArcade’s public Discord Channel to get even closer to the action by visiting this link: The entire team hangs out together and we’ve got a great community who can answer any of your questions! Well, any questions that aren’t breaking an NDA that may or may not exist. 😉

Thanks for your support and feedback thus far. It means the world to us, and we are looking forward to taking the next step with you.

Stay tuned and Happy Delving!