Announcing the Android open beta for Cthulhu Chronicles!

As soon as we launched Cthulhu Chronicles in July, we heard one question over and over again, asked loudly and passionately: when is the game coming to Android? Finally, after a feverish few weeks of development and testing, we are ready to answer this question: you can play Cthulhu Chronicles on your Android device right now!

To get it, just download the Open Beta from the Google Play store.

Q. What took you guys so long?!

A. Developing for Android is somewhat more challenging than for other platforms due to the sheer number of different devices we need to test the game on. As a small team, our resources are limited, so we had to prioritize iOS at launch of Cthulhu Chronicles. Now we are feeling confident enough in our Android version – we hope it was worth the wait!


Q. How is Open Beta different from the release?

A. We want to see how the game performs in terms of stability and bugs before calling it a ‘release’ version. So, your feedback on this is very welcome! If you run into any issues, please email us at – it will help us a lot!


Q. So how do I get into Open Beta?

A. You can find and download Cthulhu Chronicles in the Google Play store, or use this direct link.


Q. How do I play the game?

A. Check out our quick start guide here:


Q. Will there be more stories to play?

A. Yes! We have announced our second campaign, Mythos Across America, which is coming soon. Stay tuned for more news on the release date, the authors involved, and other information!

Q. Who to contact with in-game issues / feedback / ancient curses?

A. Please drop us a line at and we will be happy to help you out!