Do you dare to handle the Crimson Letters?

The new installment in our first campaign arc – Investigations in Lovecraft Country –has been released today.

The playing field has shifted, and now you must navigate the dangerous minefield of Arkham’s underbelly. The only way to get the mysterious Crimson Letters lies through meetings with students of the arcane, uncertain alliances, and horrors beyond measure. Crimson Letters is based on the well-known Call of Cthulhu scenario, and you are likely to meet some familiar personae. Like all others, this scenario is available for 20 tickets, or you can play it for free using one of your trials.

As a reminder, we will be joining our Chaosium friends at GenCon 2018! Stop by Booth 829 to chat with our developers and the Call of Cthulhu team, see Cthulhu Chronicles on the big screen and hear more about the Android version and our future plans after Investigations in Lovecraft Country is fully released!

See you at Gen Con!

 - MetaArcade Team