Enter the Necropolis of Vaarh!

Greetings delvers!

We are happy and proud to release the second part of Necropolis of Vaarh – an original adventure developed within the MetaArcade Creators Pilot Program. Created by Stefan Jones, author of the Tunnels & Trolls solo #24, Dark Temple, it is intended for the beginning characters.

Unsurprisingly, Part 2 picks up right at the end of Part 1: after crossing the treacherous wastes of the Scorching Veldt, you finally come to face the ancient city of the dead. Whether you find riches – or your doom – inside depends on your skill and wits!

Once we saw the quality and depth of Stefan’s work, we realized that it is truly on par with our own remasterings of Tunnels & Trolls solos. So, unlike Necropolis of Vaarh, Part 1, which remains available to all Tunnels & Trolls Adventures players for free, Part 2 has a regular price of 40 Gems. As usual, you can play it for free at any time by watching an ad, and can have unlimited ad-free play by purchasing the adventure. We hope you enjoy it!

Stefan’s repeated success in the MetaArcade Creators Pilot Program provides us an ideal opportunity to remind all our players that you can also take your hand at creating a T&T adventure and sharing it with the world. If you are interested in joining the MetaArcade Creators Pilot Program, please sign up here. We invite new members into the program on a regular basis, so if you are still waiting for an invite – stay tuned!

Happy delving!