The Crown of Klade concludes with Ultimatum

Greetings delvers!

Last October, we announced The Ascendant – the origin story that kicked off the first ever Tunnels & Trolls campaign arc, The Crown of Klade. What an epic journey it became! In the months since, our protagonist – you – explored the barren wasteland around Blue Frog Tavern; had their first taste of civilization in A Sworded Adventure; fled ruthless killers in Mistywood and Caravan to Tiern; explored the mysterious island of Phoron and the byzantine city of Gull; was left for dead; actually died; and triumphantly returned to life in City of Terrors.

Our staff writers Paul Movitz and Sam Riordan have remastered beloved solo adventures like Deathtrap Equalizer and written their own stories, intertwining them together into a powerful story of growth, betrayal and revenge. None of it would have been possible without your encouragement and feedback – so, on behalf of the entire MetaArcade team, thank you!

But like all campaigns, it was eventually meant to end, and it is time for us to announce the last chapter in The Crown of Klade. The final adventure of the campaign arc, Ultimatum sets the stage for your final confrontation with Duke Ravasz, who, after all these years, still wants nothing more than to see you dead for good. You have powerful allies, but their support comes at a price…

What does it mean for future adventures? We have quite a few exciting things to announce (watch this space for more news!), and now we intend to devote more attention to the community creators. The MetaArcade Creators Pilot Program has already enabled us to give you some great content – like both parts of Stefan Jones’s Necropolis of Vaarh – and we are ready to unleash more content from our Pilot Program participants! If you've ever had that itch to create and publish your own Tunnels & Trolls adventure, we are ready to hear your ideas–so make sure you've signed up for the Pilot Program.

The Crown of Klade campaign may be ending, but adventures are forever – so happy delving!