MetaArcade’s Free RPG Day Outreach

MetaArcade’s Founder, David Reid, has been a big Tunnels & Trolls fan since he was a kid. He recalls going into his local game store and discovering T&T for the first time, and it was that love of the venerable RPG that gave him the idea of turning the solo adventures into a mobile game. Now MetaArcade is doing its part to help an entirely new generation of players discover T&T for the first time as well.

Since 2007, Free RPG Day distributes free role-playing game & supplements to fans in the US, the UK, Europe and Australia. T&T publisher, Flying Buffalo Inc., has participated at various times to one degree or another, but this year is different. This year MetaArcade, Flying Buffalo and Group SNE (the Japanese publisher of T&T) have joined forces to create a special book that includes the T&T mini-rules, a manga and a brand new solo adventure written by T&T creator Ken St Andre. There is also an article about Tunnels & Trolls Adventures in the book, along with a full color cover gallery of many of the covers of the MetaArcade solos on the back cover. MetaArcade provided funds to help print 7000 copies of the Free RPG book, the largest number of T&T books ever distributed for Free RPG Day. Group SNE donated all the art for the project and Flying Buffalo put the book together and also paid for the printing and shipping. 

Free Game Day Meta group.jpg

It’s a great example of three separate companies coming together to help promote the game they all represent and love – Tunnels & Trolls. One of the great things about the T&T community is also the friendly and cooperative fanbase that the game has. Fans are always willing to help teach new players the game, or give them advice on the finer points of the rules. Fortunately that cooperative spirit also extends itself to the various companies that publish and sell T&T around the world.

Free RPG day is Saturday, June 16th 2018. If you are playing Tunnels & Trolls Adventures, we invite you to find a local game store in your area and visit it, to pick up a FREE copy of the T&T Adventures Japan book. You’ll find the printed solos very similar to the ones in the mobile game in many ways, although you’ll have to roll your own dice! Many game stores will also be running T&T RPG demos, so you might even be able to join in and play T&T face-to-face with other players. Be sure to bring your phone along as you may be able to show some older T&T players what the cutting edge of the T&T play on your smartphone looks like!

If you go to a store on Free RPG Day and get your copy of the book, be sure to let us know by posting here or on the MetaArcade Facebook page. And as always – thanks for playing!

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