It’s time to come back to the City of Terrors!

Greetings delvers!

Today is a special day for MetaArcade as we get to release our remastering of one of Tunnels & Trolls’ most iconic and beloved adventures, City of Terrors. It is only fitting that we get to do it on the verge of its 40th anniversary.

City of Terrors was originally published in summer of 1978. It was the largest T&T adventure ever published at the time, and still stands as an historic achievement on many fronts. This magnum opus from Mike Stackpole was massive: over 20 different adventures were available for characters to partake in just by walking the streets of the city. The work was so large it required the manifold talents of both Liz Danforth and Robin Carver to fully illustrate it in its glory.

The adventure introduced us to an entirely new part of Trollworld: the tropical island of Phoron and its flagship City of Gull, which evokes shades of Sanctuary from Thieves’ World and Fritz Lieber’s Lankhmar. Players could encounter legendary NPCs like Marek the Master Rogue and Mingor Diamondfist who are now firmly established in Trollworld lore. You might thwart the invasion of an orc army, encounter slavers and alien invaders, and might even come up close and personal with two different deities.

Paul Movitz of the crack MetaArcade content team has brought Gull to life as a key part of the Crown of Klade adventure arc. The plot threads which have persisted since Mistywood, Road to Gull, Sewers of Oblivion and more start to lead to an ‘ultimate’ resolution. But to see it all through to its epic conclusion, you’ll have to wait for our next adventure!

As one of our largest adventures ever, City of Terrors is available for purchase for 50 gems ($5), and as always, you can try it for free by simply watching an ad.


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