Introducing the Adventure Creators Pilot Program!

From the first days of Tunnels & Trolls Adventures, our vision has been to empower every player to create and publish their own sword and sorcery adventures set in Trollworld. Today we are proud to announce another step towards this vision with the Pilot Program of the Adventure Creator!

Starting today, we are accepting applications from members of our community interested in writing adventures for the T&T app. We will start with giving access to the Adventure Creator – the software we use to create all our T&T content – to a fairly small group of people, and gradually expand access as the program grows. These adventures will be reviewed by our team and made playable in the Tunnels & Trolls Adventures app – more information on that will be available soon, so stay tuned!

To apply to the Adventure Creators Pilot Program, please follow this link and fill out a short form telling us more about yourself. Please note that in the early stages of the program, you will need a personal computer running Windows with Steam installed in order to be able to download and run the Adventure Creator.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing your adventures! And of course in the meantime, adventures in the City of Gull continue!

 Hot Pursuit gets expanded!

The response to the expanded Golden Dust, Red Death has been great, so we have now done the same thing for Hot Pursuit. This solo is now a full-length adventure, with more to discover, battle and outsmart. Since it is now full-length, we are raising the price to $4, but if you’ve already bought it – you’ll get all the new content FREE! So, make sure you go back to Hot Pursuit and find out what new dangers and rewards are lurking in the City of Terrors… And as always, you don’t have to buy it – you can play for free by watching some ads.


Hot Pursuit is still based on Michael Stackpole’s original adventure, only now you may find out that someone (or something) is threatening the entire city. You’ll travel from the Kraken’s Cove Tavern all the way (perhaps) to the Palace and may even meet some royalty. But of course, it’s no cake walk - there are plenty of perils to overcome. And be sure to keep an eye out for spies. There seem to be plenty of them in the City of Terrors right now. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be one of them, or maybe they are looking for you…

Hot Pursuit on the map

We’ve now added Hot Pursuit on the map of Gull (adventure #3). Most of it takes place in the Old Town section of the city, but during the course of your adventure you may end up at the Palace or near the wharves, so you’ll be straddling both the lows and the highs of the city’s locations and denizens.  


This week the T&T Trivia question has to be from the expanded Hot Pursuit!

Here’s the question: Gull is ruled by a Prince - what is the Prince’s name? 

Post your answer in the comments section below, or on the MetaArcade or Tunnels & Trolls Facebook Pages. The deadline for posting your answer will be Monday, March 19 at 12 pm Pacific Time.

We will choose an answer at random from the correct answers, contact the winner, and mail them a free signed copy of Grimtina’s Guard, plus a free signed comic. Anyone can guess, even if you’ve already won in a previous week. And remember just because someone has posted the correct answer doesn’t mean they will win. ALL correct answers have the same chance to win – you just have to post the answer in order to have a chance to win. Note: you must live within the continental US, so we can ship it to you. Ok go to Gull and look for that Prince!

Last week’s question - what is the name of the dangerous drug you are tasked to deliver?

The correct answer was “Demregh” and this week’s winning answer was posted by Joe England. Congratulations Joe, we’ll be in touch to get your prize to you!

Come back next week to see which of you will win. Try Hot Pursuit to see what is threatening Gull. And if you’re interested in trying your hand at making your own adventure, be sure to sign up for the Adventure Creators Program!