Steve Crompton back at you again! We’ve had some great players running through the Crown of Klade Challenge – time to announce our first round of winners! Yep – that’s right, the winners get immortalized right here on the blog.

These hard working players took up the challenge and not only found new achievements and bugs, but posted them on our Facebook page!

Grand Prize Winners
Mark Wrynn

Karl E. H. Seigfried

Solo Pack Winners

Joe England

Sean Patterson

Charles Jones

And don’t forget, we can add YOU to this list if you let us know what new achievements or bugs you have found.  Tell you what I’ll even give you a hint where you might find a new achievement or two: there is still one new achievement in Blue Frog Tavern and there are TWO new achievements hiding in Mistywood. OK there you go – I’m making it easy for you to win some free solo adventures! So keep hunting because there are still 5 more prize packages waiting to be claimed!


Last week, we had a sale on two solos to get you started on the Crown of Klade challenge, and this weekend we have 25% off Sword for Hire and A Sworded Adventure, running from Feb 8-12 11 am Pacific time. So now’s your chance to get these two, which makes it all the easier to level up your characters, unlock new achievements and hunt down bugs. If you missed out last week’s sale, don’t let that happen this week.


Last time, I dropped some hints on what’s coming next in your journey. Now it can be revealed that our next batch of campaign adventures take place on the steamy island of Phoron, home of Gull, the City of Terrors. Next week, the gang at MetaArcade will be releasing a new adventure for you: Road to Gull. Fleeing the assassins of Kasar’s Grand Duke Ravasz in Caravan to Tiern, you take passage on a ship leaving the port. At the outset of the coming arc, your ship crashes on the isle of Phoron, leaving you shipwrecked and alone, hoping to find your way back to civilization. Be sure to check out the map of Phoron for an overview of where you’re going next week. We will also be revealing something next week that no T&T fan has ever seen!  Stay tuned…

T&T Trivia banner.jpg


We skipped last week due to the Crown of Klade Challenge, but the T&T Trivia Contest is on once again!  Since we have a sale on Sword for Hire, let’s do a Trivia question about that adventure.

So here is this week’s question:

In Sword For Hire, what material is the Knuckleduster made of?

Bonus question: Why is it called the Knuckleduster?

Post your answer in the comments section below or on the MetaArcade or Tunnels & Trolls Facebook Pages. I will choose an answer at random from the correct answers, contact the winner and mail your free signed copy of Grimtina’s Guard, plus a free signed comic. And if you answer both questions, I’ll send you a bonus prize! (Note: you must live within the continental US so we can ship it to you.)

Also going on at the Isle of Phoron…

I don’t often say too much here about the new T&T releases of Flying Buffalo, but since both MetaArcade and Flying Buffalo are doing something related to the Isle of Phoron, I thought I’d drop a quick note about their Kickstarter for Elven Lords

The Fellowship of the Troll is offering a new full-colored printed version of the limited edition solo Elven Lords and re-releasing Sewers of Oblivion. Both of those take place in and around Gull, so if you’re interested in what Phoron is like you might want to take look. Their Kickstarter ends on February 12th. 

In the meanwhile, look for those new achievements and bugs and let us know about ‘em online!

See you in Gull…