Next Steps in Gull: More Dust, More Death!

Hi all – it’s another week, and Steve here with more Tunnels & Trolls Adventures news!

NEW Golden Dust, Red Death Expanded adventure!

With the City of Terrors arc in full swing, this week’s big news is that the adventure Golden Dust, Red Death has been expanded to a full-length solo. You’ll find new achievements and new art, with more to explore, fight and find. Because it’s so much bigger, we are raising the price to $4 like our regular solos, but if you’ve already bought it – you’ll get all the new stuff for FREE!


Golden Dust, Red Death is now the 2nd adventure in our City of Terrors campaign and continues your journey that began in Road to Gull. Now you’ll have a chance to explore a bit more of Gull – though perhaps its seedier side. You’ll probably be recruited to deliver some illegal substances and could get in some big trouble with the Rogues’ Guild or the city guards. So watch your step, and don’t trust everyone you meet. Come to think of it, in Gull, you may not be able to trust anyone you meet!

Be sure to revisit this adventure even if you’ve played it before because you now have a lot more to see. It’s still based on Michael Stackpole’s original adventure, but with new places to go and people to meet. The new material has been created by MetaArcade’s in-house designer Paul Movitz

YOU ARE HERE – On the map
As you can see we have updated the map of Gull, so now you can see where in the City your adventures are taking place. Most of it is near the Wharves so far. Who knows where you’ll end up next. The Sewers? The City Square? The Military district, on a special mission? Maybe you’ll even discover the ultimate secret about Gull… (More about that later!) 

Gull Map ver3 Meta.jpg


This time our T&T Trivia question is from the newly expanded Golden Dust, Red Death.

This will give you another reason to play it now – you might win a FREE signed solo adventure!

OK here’s the question: In Golden Dust, Red Death, what is Al-Dajjal's hideout disguised as? (or where is it located)

Post your answer in the comments section below, on the MetaArcade or Tunnels & Trolls Facebook Pages. The deadline for posting your answer will be Monday, March 5 at 12 pm Pacific Time.

I will choose an answer at random from the correct answers, contact the winner, and mail them a free signed copy of Grimtina’s Guard, plus a free signed comic. Anyone can guess, even if you’ve already won in a previous week. (In which case, I’ll send you a different solo.) Note: you must live within the continental US so we can ship it to you. It’s easy to play the Trivia contest, so why don’t YOU try it this week?

Last week’s question - What is the Kindred of the boat building foreman you meet on your way to Gull?

The randomly selected person among those who gave the correct answer “Troll” was Lynn Parnell. Congratulations Lynn, we’ll be sending Lynn you signed copy the Grimtina’s Guard solo!

That’s all this time, but you can keep busy till next week playing the expanded Golden Dust, Red Death and trying to answer the trivia question. See you in Gull!