Hey everyone, it’s Steve Crompton, back again with your weekly update for Tunnels & Trolls Adventures! Last week, we started your T&T journey to the tropical island of Phoron, home of Gull, the City of Terrors in our new adventure Road to Gull. And as part of the release, we gave you a sneak peek at the brand new map of Gull. Well today, you get to see the full map in all its glory!

As you start playing some of the new upcoming adventures, you’ll end up at the City Square, go on a search in the Bazaar, follow a thief into the Darkway District, and go for training in the Military District. It’s not unheard of for adventures to actually delve under the city, entering the forbidding Sewers of Oblivion. Who knows, if you make the right choices, you might even end up in the Prince’s Palace!

Gull Map ver1 Meta.jpg

The map: The origins of this map are pretty interesting. Although no map of Gull previously existed, Michael Stackpole, the author of all the Gull-based adventures, created a very visceral “map” of Gull via descriptions and references throughout the text of the solos (and some short stories he wrote). When David Reid of MetaArcade asked me (Steve Crompton) if it was possible to create a map of Gull, I contacted Mike and Patrice Geille to see what info there was to draw upon.

Patrice is the publisher of the French edition of Tunnels & Trolls and has created an extensive reference library of information about T&T and Trollworld. He was able to put together all the references to places in Gull and then put them in context with where they are located.

We were also able to use the cover of the original City of Terrors printed adventure as a reference for what Gull looks like, as the background and back cover reveal a detailed illustration of the City itself. So combining that all led to the map you see now. I drew the map by hand in black and white, then scanned the art in and added all the color and textures in Photoshop.

In the coming weeks, we will be revealing what and where some of the adventures in Gull that you can play on the App take place, so you’ll know where you’ve been and where you’re going…


We’ve been running this contest for the last few weeks, and now the challenge is over. Bugs have been found and many achievements made. Some of you did a marvelous job of running through the Crown of Klade adventures and tracking down the items. Here is the list of final winners of the Challenge. Are you on the list? If not, fear not – we may have more opportunities down the road!

Grand Prize Winners
Mark Wrynn

Karl E. H. Seigfried

Solo Pack Winners

Chet Cox

Joe England

Sean Patterson

Charles Jones

Congratulations to all our winners, your prizes are being autographed and shipped!


This week we are offering the conclusion of the Crown of Klade saga, Caravan to Tiern, at 25% off from Feb 24-28 11 am Pacific time. Caravan to Tiern is a big adventure and you’ll certainly get your money’s worth of it at 25% off the regular price. Get your own copy today and play it endlessly!  Save money and have lots of fun – what a deal!


Our T&T Trivia question is once again plucked from the new release - Road to Gull.

This is an easy one: What is the Kindred of the boat building foreman you meet on your way to Gull?

Post your answer in the comments section below or on the MetaArcade or Tunnels & Trolls Facebook Pages. The deadline for posting your answer will be Monday, February 26 at 12pm Pacific Time.

I will choose an answer at random from the correct answers, contact the winner, and mail your free signed copy of Grimtina’s Guard, plus a free signed comic. I am opening up the question to anyone even if you have already won in a previous week. (In which case I’ll send you a different solo) So let’s see who knows the correct answer to this question… Note: you must live within the continental US so we can ship it to you.

Last week’s Trivia answer was a bit of a challenge in that the answer could only be found in the newly-released Road to Gull:  

We asked: what is the name of Al-Dajjal’s apprentice?

The correct answer is “Kavra.”

Our very clever Trivia Contest winner is Mark Wrynn. Excellent job Mark! We’ll send him a signed copy of the Grimtina’s Guard solo!

That’s all for this week – so keep trekking, it’s a long march to Gull!