Welcome to Phoron – Prepare to Die!

We promised a new adventure this week and here it is: Road to Gull! The Plot: Fleeing the assassins of Kasar’s Grand Duke Ravasz in Caravan to Tiern, you take passage on a ship leaving the port. At the outset of the adventure, your ship crashes on the isle of Phoron, leaving you shipwrecked and alone, hoping to find your way back to civilization.  You have to march along the shores of Phoron, what can possibly go wrong?

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A peek at the never before seen map of Gull!

City of Terrors (the nickname for Gull) is probably the most legendary of the T&T solos and was the first one to give players the chance to explore a city and wander its streets.  Ironically, there was never a map of Gull for players to see. But with our new releases that take place on Phoron and the recent successful Kickstarter for the Gull-located Elven Lords solo, the time for a map of that city has come. So here for the first time ever we are revealing some of it below!

This map of Gull shows where you start your adventures on Phoron, and it will also show you the adventures you’ll find once you arrive in Gull. We’ll be revealing more of the Gull map in the near future along with new adventures you can play there, so stay tuned…

Gull Meta Preview.jpg


This week, you can get 25% off Gamesmen of Kasar and Mistywood, from Feb 15-19th, 11 am Pacific time. Here’s your chance to get these two at a big discount. Owning the adventure makes it all the easier to level up your characters as you can play it an unlimited amount of times without having to watch ads, so get ‘em while they are on sale…

Last Chance for the Crown of Klade Challenge

This is the last week we’ll have the Crown of Klade challenge, so if you haven’t tried it now’s the time! How to play: All you have to do is create a new character you can run through the Crown of Klade Campaign. Take your character through the campaign, from The Ascendant all the way through Caravan to Tiern.  When you find a new achievement, or if you come across a bug or error somewhere in the campaign, make a screen shot of it and then post it on our Facebook page.   

Hints & Prizes: There is still one new achievement in Blue Frog Tavern and there are TWO new achievements hiding in Mistywood. The first players to find those and post them on our Facebook page can win a prize package that includes a set of actual printed solo adventures Buffalo Castle, Gamesmen of Kasar, a dual book including Sword for Hire/Blue Frog Tavern, and the tabletop Tunnels & Trolls quickstart rules—all autographed by various members of The Fellowship of the Troll and the MetaArcade development team who worked on them!


T&T Trivia banner.jpg

So here is this week’s question, it’s about our new release Road to Gull:

In Road to Gull, what is the name of Al-Dajjal’s apprentice?

Post your answer in the comments section below or on the MetaArcade or Tunnels & Trolls Facebook Pages. I will choose an answer at random from the correct answers, contact the winner and mail your free signed copy of Grimtina’s Guard, plus a free signed comic. This week I am opening up the question to anyone even if you have already won in a previous week. (In which case I’ll send you a different solo!) So let’s see who knows the correct answer to this question… (Note: you must live within the continental US so we can ship it to you.)

Last week’s Trivia answer

 We asked: In Sword For Hire, what material is the Knuckleduster made of?

The correct answer is “Jade.”

Bonus question: Why is it called the Knuckleduster?

The correct answer is “Their long arms drag on the ground.”

 Our Trivia Contest winner is Charles Isaac who was chosen at random from the correct answers. We’ll send Charles a signed copy the Grimtina’s Guard solo! He’ll also get the extra prize for answering the bonus question!

Ok I think that’s enough great stuff for one week: a new solo, two contests and a peek at a never before seen map? It’s the most exciting T&T stuff on the web right now!