The Crown of Klade Challenge is on - Win Big!

Steve Crompton back again - Last week I told you the Crown of Klade Challenge was coming and now it’s here! This will be your chance to try out the updated, enhanced and rebalanced version of the whole Crown of Klade Campaign and while you play, you can win a set of signed solos and more! (There’s no better time to try it than now!) 


It’s pretty easy really. All you have to do is create a new character you can run through the Crown of Klade Campaign. Take your character through the campaign, from The Ascendant all the way through Caravan to Tiern. When you find a new achievement, or if you come across a bug or error somewhere in the campaign, make a screen shot of it and then post it on our Facebook page. 

Sample acheivement.jpg

We’re looking for up to 5 new achievements and 5 bugs, so as many as 10 of you can win all these autographed solo adventures and the mini rules. For your post to count, it has to be a bug or achievement that hasn’t already been posted. Winners will need to be located in the US, so we can mail the prizes to you, and an individual can only win one prize set.

The Prizes: The first 10 people to post a new achievement or a bug will get our Grand Prize, which consists of a set of actual printed Tunnels & Trolls solitaire adventures and the tabletop quickstart rules. This set of printed adventures published by Flying Buffalo will consist of Buffalo Castle, Gamesmen of Kasar. and a dual adventure book including Sword for Hire and Blue Frog Tavern.

FBI Solo Prizes.jpg

The solos will be signed by various members of the Fellowship of the Troll and the MetaArcade development team who worked on them, including Tunnels & Trolls creator Ken St. Andre, Flying Buffalo president and Tunnels & Trolls publisher Rick Loomis, Deluxe T&T co-designer and artist Liz Danforth, MetaArcade founder David Reid, and many more including yours truly, artist and cartographer Steve Crompton!

Super Bonus Prize: The first person to find a bug or an achievement will also receive an original piece of Grimtooth’s Traps Artwork by me. (we’ll send it with your solos).  So start looking and start posting what you find on our Facebook page!     

And while you’re at it, let us know your thoughts! Did we get the balance right — can your new characters make it through the adventures in order?  We’d love to know what you think.


Give yourself a contest boost with our 25% sale on these 2 Adventures!

The team at MetaArcade also came up with this great offer help make it easier for you to really be able to go through the adventures and search for bugs and achievements. Each week, we’ll offer 2 of the Crown of Klade adventures on sale at 25% off.

This week: Feb. 2 – 5: Get 25% off Buffalo Castle and Blue Frog Tavern!

Why buy an adventure anyway? (I hear you ask) Well, once you buy one of the adventures, you can play it over and over again without having to use up your Hearts. (Trust me – it makes it a LOT easier to explore the solo adventure fully and try out different paths and strategies if you don’t keep running out of Hearts.)


Last week we asked:

In Grimtina’s Guard, you are a warrior in the army of the mighty Grimtooth. What is the name and rank of your immediate commander?

The correct answer is the “Sergeant Dandelion”
(Some of you guessed Grimtina, but she’s not in the army and isn’t an immediate supervisor. She’s more like the king’s sister.)

Our Trivia Contest winner is Andy Smith who was chosen at random from the correct answers. We’ll send Andy the signed Grimtina’s Guard solo!

There is no Trivia contest this week as you have the Crown of Klade Challenge to keep you busy.  So you have the contest and the 25% sale – what are you waitin’ for? Ready…set… Go!