Can You Survive the Deadly Gamesmen of Kasar?

Welcome to 2018 fellow adventurers! Hope your holiday was a good one and you enjoyed your free Tunnels & Trolls adventure in the Circle of Ice.

This week, we return to the Crown of Klade campaign which continues in Kasar. After staying in Kasar a while, you start hearing from locals about “the Game.” The Game has been around as long as anyone can remember, and has been a mystery just as long. The people who go in rarely come out, but those who do are different. They speak of a sequence of mind-bending puzzles, but can’t describe them, or say how they solved them. They can only say with certainty that they won, and that they are much, much richer for it. Are you up for the challenge in Gamesmen of Kasar, and what else might you gain from your efforts?

Since many of you have been on the Crown of Klade campaign for some time, we decided it was high time to show where you’ve been and where you’re headed.  One of my duties with the Fellowship of the Troll is official cartographer, so I was enlisted to make a map. Below is your campaign journey. 

T&T creator Ken St. Andre has said many times that Trollworld is a multi-dimensional nexus of realities and that every GM is running their own version of that world. And so it is with us. This map doesn’t exactly match the official Trollworld map, but it’s very close. Of course, you aren’t seeing the entire world here; only a tiny bit of the northwestern section of one continent.

Now that you can see the map, you’ll also see that your next leg of the journey takes you to Mistywood, a strange forest spoken of only in whispers. You can already play Mistywood today, but the campaign does not end there! Stay tuned for more adventures to come!

And—if you haven’t yet claimed your free copy of Circle of Ice, or taken advantage of the 50% off holiday sale for many more of our Tunnels & Trolls Adventures, you still have time. The sale ends tomorrow January 5, so you’ve got one last chance!


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