Join the Caravan to Tiern… or else!

Steve Crompton here again with a new solo release to announce – Caravan to Tiern! This brand new solo releases today as the eighteenth adventure you can play for free on the Tunnels & Trolls Adventures app.


The final chapter of the Crown of Klade campaign takes you out of Kasar. You continue fleeing the Grand Duke Ravasz after slaying his son at the start of Mistywood. The Duke’s rage knows no bounds—he has vowed to have you killed, so you continue fleeing east and hopefully out of his reaches. You end up in the town of Esuriat, which lies on the edge of the great Bijouwar desert. But the Duke’s relentless assassins have followed you, and now you have no choice but to try to cross the harsh desert. You’ve heard of strange creatures, mysterious cities and dangerous brigands hidden among the dunes. Will you try to trek it alone, or join the Caravan to Tiern?

Caravan to Tiern was written by Andrea Mills and originally published in 1989 as the 22nd solo in Flying Buffalo’s Tunnels & Trolls line. I vividly remember putting the art and layout together for the book in a very rushed manner! Flying Buffalo wanted it for a big convention and I worked round the clock to get it done just in time. The gorgeous cover painting by Carl Lundgren is one of the best we ever published, and really gives you the feel of the wild desert lands to the east. 

Map Update:

MAP Klade Campaign p2.jpg

We are also revealing the rest of the Crown of Klade campaign on this updated map. As you can see, the Caravan to Tiern is a long journey across the burning deserts to the humid eastern coast. And of course, further adventures await you on the distant shores…

T&T Trivia banner.jpg

Since Caravan to Tiern is our new release, we’re going to have a trivia question that takes place in that adventure. So here is this week’s question:

In Caravan to Tiern, you might end up in the Dead Pigeon Tavern. In what city is this tavern located?

Post your answer in the comments section below, or on the MetaArcade or Tunnels & Trolls Facebook Pages. I will choose an answer at random from the correct answers, contact the winner and mail your free signed copy of Grimtina’s Guard, plus a free signed comic. (Note: you must live within the continental US so we can ship it to you.)

LAST WEEK’S WINNER is Jay Michael who correctly guessed that the nickname for the soldiers’ gang in Naked Doom is the “Khazan Killers.” Many others were also correct, but his was the name chosen randomly. Congratulations Jay!

And remember: we read all your comments, so you can ask us about anything related to the T&T Adventures app and we’ll give you an answer. Good luck – maybe I’ll see you on the Caravan trail. Be sure to bring lots of water, you’re going to need it!