In hot pursuit of adventure

Greetings delvers!

We have just returned from PAX West – and what an awesome show it has been! We have shown Tunnels & Trolls Adventures to hundreds of new players, demoed the Adventure Creator, and received a lot of great feedback. To celebrate PAX West, we had also made our latest adventure at the time, Hot Pursuit, free for the weekend; now it is available in the game for a regular price of 10 Gems. 

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Our development team is working on the next update to the game, that will improve performance and stability, and expect to release it in the next several weeks. But the adventure mill does not stop, and today we present the next mini solo -- Thief for Hire


Having fallen on hard times, you are desperate for any work, as long as it can fill your pockets with coin. If it means testing your hand at thievery, then so be it! 

Thief for Hire is suitable for beginning characters, but we recommend to use those who specialize in stealth and cunning. Of course, using brute force is also possible! 

Although we have several other mini-solos in the works, we are very much looking forward to releasing larger adventures, geared towards higher-level characters. 

And, of course, we are working on the ways to let you spend all that hard-earned gold, so stay tuned for more news and follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter

Happy delving!