Are You Prepared for Overkill?

Greetings delvers! With our summer adventures at Gen Con 50 and PAX West all wrapped up, we’re happy to be back at home in the Northwest and working on the latest Tunnels & Trolls™ adventures. August was an amazing month of fans and fanfare surrounding the release of the game, and September is off to an equally-as-awesome start with the release of our newest and most ambitious adventure yet: Overkill.

Overkill is inspired by the original work of New York Times bestselling author and veteran Tunnels & Trolls writer, Michael A. Stackpole. Quite contrary to the mini solo adventures released over the past few weeks, Overkill is our largest adventure to date: with 13 unique ways to complete your mission, countless ways to meet your doom, and some of the most challenging content and decisions you’ll face. We’re talking about a Level 15+ adventure to take on (and take down) your toughest delvers, though the rewards will be worth it for those of you up to the challenge!


A size comparison of the ‘Thief for Hire’ (left) and ‘Overkill’ (right) adventures as shown in the Map View of our Adventure Creator.


Overkill takes place during an important moment in the history of Trollworld:

Having repelled the piratical Ranger navy from Khazan’s ocean borders, the empress Lerotra’hh casts her eyes to the southern part of the Empire. Determined to enforce subservience from the southern cities, the Death Goddess deploys a Death Host of Khazani soldiers to restore order and extort tribute from those cities who were less helpful than expected during the Khazan-Ranger war.

The Death Host rages down the southern coast until they reach an ancient, foreboding citadel occupied by the infamous necromancer, Marionarsis, and his zombie army. You are part of this Death Host. While preparing to join the assault in the morning, you are asked to take on a secret mission to infiltrate the castle and assassinate Marionarsis before the battle begins.

Part of what makes Overkill so unique is Marionarsis himself—he’s much more than a two-dimensional villain, but instead a mighty foe with a strong sense of honor. The necromancer isn’t some drooling, evil maniac; rather, he trusts few people, preferring to surround himself with unquestioning zombies instead of adventurers, who often come with dangerous or malign intentions. At some basic level, Marionarsis exemplifies the best of “old school revival” NPC’s, and reminds us of characters we encountered in some of the earliest dungeon crawls.

The release of Overkill is only the start of a new trend of adventures you can look forward to in the weeks and months to come. While we’ve released one mini-adventure each week since our Gen Con launch, we’re now shifting our focus to release larger, more diverse adventures every other week: offering more choices, more endings (good and bad), and more ways for you to explore and master the Tunnels & Trolls universe.


‘General Shang’ (left) by Liz Danforth. ‘Massed Army’ (right) by Jack Holliday. More of his work can be found on DriveThruRPG.


Of course, we also want to hear from YOU as you dive into the latest adventures—whether for the first or the hundredth time! Your feedback is a critical part of our development process, and is something we look for as we build new challenges for you to experience and overcome. We want to know more about what YOU want out of your Tunnels & Trolls adventures, and what you look for out of the Adventure Creator when it finally comes your way. If you want to get ahead of the curve, take a moment to create an account and say hello on the MetaArcade subreddit, where we’ll be spending more time talking to the community about the game. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we’ll provide constant updates as the game continues to grow.

We’re thrilled to talk about all the cool stuff we have on the way, and can’t wait for you to join into the conversation. Thanks for making our launch awesome, and we’ll see you in the dungeons!

-David Reid and the MetaArcade Team