We are a week(ish) away from our initial release of Tunnels & Trolls Adventures on the App Store and Google Play, and with just a few days before we all get on planes and head to Gen Con 50, it’s time to tell you more about what you’ll find there!


Let’s start with the adventures you’ll get to play on Day 1:

Naked Doom

 Ken St. Andre’s classic forced march is one of the earliest adventures published for Tunnels & Trolls™, and it still holds up, nearly 40 years later, as one of the most challenging dungeons ever for a newly-created character in any RPG. Naked Doom was the first adventure published by MetaArcade, and many of you have already died very interesting deaths at our convention appearances and during the Sneak Peek alpha test. In addition to rebalancing the adventure for the new character leveling system , we’ve also tweaked a few of the situations in the game. Even if you had Naked Doom down cold, you’ll find some surprises in the updated version!

Buffalo Castle

The very first solo adventure ever created for a fantasy role-playing game, Buffalo Castle stands as a giant innovation of its time. Originally written by the legendary game designer and Flying Buffalo founder Rick Loomis, Buffalo Castle even predates the “Choose Your Own Adventure™” books which many mistakenly believe were the first published works of interactive fiction. As befits the adventure that launched the whole field of solo gaming, this classic dungeon crawler has been remastered by our team with loving care. And yes, it will still kill you if you let your guard down.

Golden Dust, Red Death

An adventure written by Michael A. Stackpole, who you might know from his work as a New York Times Best-Selling author. Stackpole is best known for his Star Wars and Battletech novels, but he was writing T&T adventures before he became a novelist. Set in the city of Gull, which Tunnels & Trolls veterans will recognize as the City of Terrors, this ‘mini-solo’ explores the criminal underbelly of Gull through the eyes of a daring, but temporarily unemployed, adventurer.

Seven Ayes

In contrast to the meat grinder of Naked Doom, here Ken St. Andre weaves a tale of just another typical day in the monster-ruled empire of Khazan. In your travels south of Khazan, you enter the fishing village of Frarrg and find yourself standing before the swinging doors of the Seven Ayes Tavern. And to this ramshackle travesty of a drinking establishment, you come with a great thirst in your throat and money in your pocket... And in Trollworld, even a trip to the local bar can become quite the adventure.

Grimtina’s Guard

Originally commissioned by MetaArcade and written by Ken St. Andre to commemorate 40 years of Tunnels & Trolls at Gen Con, Grimtina’s Guard is the first official T&T adventure to feature Grimtooth and Grimtina. A limited print run was provided to fans at conventions in 2016, and now everyone will be able to play it on their mobile device. If you plan to attend Gen Con 50, drop by our booth – we just might have a free print copy for you!

In addition to these adventures, we prepared a tutorial covering the basics of the Tunnels & Trolls mechanics and functionality of the game. We highly recommend playing it even if you are a T&T veteran, to arm yourself with knowledge and get a shiny achievement for doing so. And we’ll be releasing more adventures soon, so stay tuned!

So how do you get these adventures? We talked about monetization in the game last week, and described the concept of Hearts and Gems. Each player will get an allotment of Hearts to start with, so that you can try all the adventures. To get more Hearts, you can either purchase some via the in-app store, or watch an ad. To be able to play an adventure forever without spending Hearts or watching ads, you can purchase it with Gems. Naked Doom is completely free to play, while other adventures cost one Heart to play, and from 10 to 40 Gems to purchase.


Since we moved into our new office, we’ve been working hard on bringing Tunnels & Trolls Adventures from the early prototype stage to its current polished version. I could not be prouder of the team’s efforts on this front and I think the results – as you can see in the 'before (white background) and after' images below – speak for themselves!

GAme Lobby

Saving rolls



We first revealed our prototype app at Gen Con 2016, so it’s only fitting for us to celebrate the launch of Tunnels & Trolls Adventures at the legendary convention again—and even better, this year is Gen Con 50! MetaArcade and our friends at Flying Buffalo will be present at booth #509, where you’ll be able to chat with the developers, play with the Adventure Creator, leave your mark on the Naked Doom death board  and – last but certainly not the least – get some cool swag!

Visitors to the MetaArcade booth will each get an exclusive Tunnels & Trolls 6 sided die, along with a piece of Tunnels & Trolls multifunctional rally wear –  a stylish and amazingly versatile piece of attire. Every day, we will hold a contest among yowie-wearers, and give out 25 dice bags daily with more of the special Tunnels & Trolls dice. We will also have some print copies of the Grimtina’s Guard limited run. Supplies will be limited, so make sure to stop by the booth before they run out! 

That’s it from Team MetaArcade for this week. We are excited about getting Tunnels & Trolls Adventures into your hands on August 17th, and are incredibly grateful for your encouragement and support since we embarked on this venture. Once we launch, we would love to hear your feedback: share your experiences on our Facebook or Reddit, tweet at us, and you can always contact us directly at  support@metaarcade.com.

Happy Delving!