PAX West, new adventures, and more!

Greetings from the Washington State Convention Center!

Our team has been hard at work setting up for the upcoming PAX West gaming convention. If you are in Seattle, we welcome you to our booth, where you can play the latest Tunnels & Trolls™ adventures, talk with the team and get some cool swag! We are located at booth #122 on the 4th floor of the Convention Center.


Founder & CEO David Reid tirelessly putting together IKEA furniture

This week we also released the first update to Tunnels & Trolls Adventures on iOS and Android. It fixes the intermittent error with character attribute corruption after pausing an adventure, corrects a host of typos and text issues, and improves overall performance. You can check out the full patch notes here.


As promised, we have been publishing a new adventure every week. Last week we presented Stop Thief! – a Michael Stackpole mini-solo focusing on the criminal world of Gull. Today we are proud to release Hot Pursuit, an adaptation of another Michael Stackpole adventure where sword-and-sorcery meets spy noir. What’s more, in celebration of PAX West, we are making it free for all players for a limited time! If you claim it before PAX ends, you’ll be able to play it for free forever, so don’t miss your chance.

We are looking forward to seeing you in person at PAX West, but if you can’t make it, make sure to follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy delving!