What a week it has been!

Greetings delvers,

What a week it has been!

The majority of our small team presented Tunnels & Trolls Adventures at Gen Con 50, while some of us stayed behind to oversee the launch, listen to your suggestions, and respond to questions and issues.



First of all, thank you for your feedback! We are extremely happy that you like the game and our remastering of the classic Tunnels & Trolls™ solos – over the past seven days, you have played tons of adventures (and, without doubt, drowned in beer many, many times).

Several questions were asked the most:

  1. When is the game coming out in my country?” As an indie dev studio with only five people, our resources are finite – so we focused initially on selected territories where English is the primary language, and planned to expand languages and territories as we progressed. Proper localization into other languages is farther on the horizon, but we could release the game in English globally sooner. There’s pros and cons to this approach, and as we think through our plans, we would love to hear your thoughts on this idea!
  2. How do I spend all that gold?” During the development process, we considered implementing an item shop, but did not want to reduce the experience to mundane shopping runs that would not really be in the spirit of sword-and-sorcery. After all, when Conan goes to buy a sword, it usually turns to be an adventure in itself! We will place merchants directly into adventures, so buying items makes sense in the narrative context of the game. We do not have a definite date for this, but this is high on our to-do list. Hold on to your treasure as it will have real value for your characters soon!
  3. How do I get more adventures?” We aim to publish a new adventure every week. As a matter of fact, you can go and play one right now! Stop Thief! is another Michael Stackpole mini-solo, that further explores the criminal world of Gull (that you may experience in Golden Dust, Red Death), this time putting the protagonist on the right side of the law. Another adventure is coming next week, so stay tuned!

No software launch happens without issues, and we admit that ours was no exception. Again, we would like to thank those of you who reported problems and helped us find the causes for some of these. Here are the most common issues we encountered:

  • Poor performance on some Android devices. Testing for Android is more challenging due to a large number of phone and tablet models (especially for a small studio!), but we are working on optimizations and hope to improve performance considerably in future updates.
  • Occasionally, characters may lose attributes after completing an adventure. This is an issue which didn’t surface in our testing, but has impacted a few players since launch. Obviously, this is an infuriating problem for any RPG player, and we deeply apologize to those who have experienced it. Unfortunately, at the moment characters are stored on your devices rather than the cloud, so we are not able to fix these, but if you contact our support team (support@metaarcade.com), we can try to make things right for you. The good news is that we believe we found the cause for this issue, and are aiming to deploy the fix as soon as possible. We are also working on moving the character data to the cloud in the future.

The next update for Tunnels & Trolls Adventures is coming soon, and we will publish a full list of patch notes closer to that date. In the meantime, please share your ideas, thoughts or issues on our Facebook or Reddittweet at us, or contact us directly at support@metaarcade.com.

Last, but not least: if you are attending PAX West in Seattle next week, MetaArcade welcomes you to join us at our booth! Come play the latest Tunnels & Trolls adventure, talk to developers, and get some cool swag. We are located at booth #122, on the 4th Floor.

Happy delving!

MetaArcade Team