The Calm Before the Storm

Greetings Adventurers!

While we’ve been quiet on the blog front, there has been a tremendous amount of work going on behind the scenes here at MetaArcade, all gearing up for what promises to be a big summer. And while I can’t share everything that’s happening behind the curtain (not quite yet!), I’m keen to get you all caught up as much as we can.

We’ve been making huge strides on the product front. I want to thank you all for your efforts in playing through the Sneak Peek prototype, letting us know what you’ve liked and pointing out the issues and bugs along the way as we work towards creating the definitive digital Tunnels & Trolls experience.

This leads to the big news of the day: we are winding down the Sneak Peek program, as we are heading into our official release on the Apple App Store and Google Play this summer!

With the terrific feedback you’ve provided, we’re moving on from the moment-to-moment game experience and working on the critical pieces of integrating with the Apple and Google stores, creating user accounts, and more. This is a giant milestone for any company, and we’re very excited about bringing the game out officially.

The product we’ll be delivering this summer will have many new features which we’ve had our eye on since we started, and others which are a direct result of your feedback. Here’s some things you can look forward to:

 Persistent Inventory Across Adventures 

Did you succeed in getting the Hero Sword in Naked Doom? Or perhaps more impressively in some counter-intuitive way, did you “succeed” in failing enough to get the Hopeless Sword? If so, you were probably disappointed to find you couldn’t take it with you into Buffalo Castle. Fret not, intrepid delvers—with our official release this summer, you’ll be able to take the items and treasure you earn from one adventure to the next.

Spite Damage

This is probably the single-most requested feature from the fans, and we are making it happen! For those who aren’t familiar with Spite Damage, it’s an elegant mechanic which reflects the inherent danger in any combat—even if you lose a round, every six you roll will lead to damage “in spite of” any armor or protection your opponent has. I’ve always loved the mechanic of Spite Damage and believe it’s one of the most innovative features of Deluxe T&T. Adding Spite Damage will help mitigate the “unending combat” problems we saw when we first released the PAX South MegaAdventure, as even the most balanced combats will end after enough sixes are rolled.

Most Importantly, More Adventures!

While we’re still finalizing our initial release list, our plan is to deliver more of the classic T&T experience you’ve come to enjoy. If you’ve been keeping up on our Facebook and Twitter adventures, you’ll notice we’ve been playing through some of the Trollgodfather’s best mini-solos with the community—most notably A Sworded Adventure and Seven Ayes. You can expect to see those and more this summer, along with more full-length adventures alongside Naked Doom and Buffalo Castle.

We’re aiming to follow the initial release with a regular cadence of new adventures and additional features, and we’re also planning to release on PC, Mac and Steam later this year. We’re also tracking well towards having a closed beta for the Adventure Creator this fall—letting you in the community take a crack at making your own T&T adventures, sharing them with your friends, and publishing them for others to play! And did we mention you’ll make money each time someone plays them? We’ll have a lot more detail to share in the coming weeks.

Seven Ayes  in progress in our Creator!

Seven Ayes in progress in our Creator!

And along with everything else, we’ve been busy working on fundraising, and I’m delighted to let everyone know that MetaArcade has been named a finalist in the Seattle Angel Conference competition! It’s been a blast working with these folks over the past couple months, and it all comes to a crescendo at the finals on May 17.  Wish us luck!

In the meantime—while Sneak Peek is coming to a close, we figured we’d go out with a bang: in response to requests from some of the most passionate members of our community, we’re going to re-enable you to complete adventures multiple times with the same character.

I’ll let you know in advance we have some balancing work to do as part of making this work in the full release, but for now, you can play through Naked Doom, Buffalo Castle, and all three parts of the PAX South MegaAdventure as much as you like with the same character.

Want to try drinking from the Pool of Greatness a few more times? Keen to flip double or nothing for your attributes with the wizard in Buffalo Castle a dozen times? Give it a whirl and send us screenshots of your most overpowered superheroic characters! We’ll have some fun with you on social media with your endeavors. Of course, as some of you noticed early on in Sneak Peek, at some point the game just fails to work when you are rolling hundreds of dice in combat, and we’ll also be interested in hearing where those failure points happen for you across different pieces of hardware. We don’t expect this sort of scenario to happen after our release in the summer, but as always we’re very keen to hear what you find to be the outer limits of our tech, so please do keep us posted.

With that—we released Sneak Peek 4 today, with the patch notes located here. Please feel free to delve to your heart’s content, send us your ideas and feedback, and stay tuned for more news coming soon.

Thanks again and see you in the dungeons!