Circle of Ice - Our Holiday Gift to You!

Season’s Greetings T&T adventurers! Steve Crompton here - Last time we dropped hints about a reward you were going to get, so now you get to find out what we were talking about…

To celebrate the winter season, we have prepared a brand new adventure – our seventeenth release – Circle of Ice!

This time, your character has been hired by the Dark Lords of Trollworld. Your mission is to map out the Circle of Ice: a strange frozen realm that exists outside the normal mortal world. The Dark Lords are almost godlike in their power and it would be to your advantage to earn their favor. But the Circle of Ice is an otherworldly place, with trials and terrors outside your experience.  Here a misspoken word or action could mean disaster – if you don’t freeze to death first. This adventure is for lower to mid-level characters and is not part of the Crown of Klade campaign; instead this is a “side trek” you can enjoy at any time in your character’s career.

For you history buffs, Circle of Ice was originally published back in 1980 by Flying Buffalo as a limited edition pocket adventure. It was written by Paul Creelman and edited by none-other-than Michael Stackpole; in 2014, Flying Buffalo included it in the Adventurer’s Compendium printed collection. And now you are able to play Circle of Ice in Tunnels & Trolls Adventures.

As our holiday gift to you, from today until January 5th, you can claim Circle of Ice for FREE – and, during that time, the price for all other paid adventures is reduced by 50%! The advantage of buying the solos is that you can play them over and over again without using your Hearts. It’s the best way to level up your characters and explore everything the adventure has to offer.

The Crown of Klade campaign will continue in 2018! We’ll also be revealing a special Klade campaign map that will show you where you’ve been and where you are going… Stay tuned for further developments in YOUR adventure saga.

Till then, go download your free copy of Circle of Ice and good luck in the freezing (and dangerous) lands …

Happy Holidays from the entire MetaArcade Team!

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SOLO TRIVIA CONTEST: Each week, I’ll have a T&T Trivia question in the blog and the first person to post the answer in the comments will get a FREE print copy of the limited edition Grimtina’s Guard solo adventure (signed by Ken St Andre and myself) mailed to them as their reward.

OK here is this week’s question:

 In Circle of Ice, what (or who) is the Liels Ungun?

Post your answer in the comments section below. Whoever posts the correct answer first wins. I will contact the winner and mail your free signed copy of Grimtina’s Guard. (Note: you must live within the continental US so we can ship it to you.)