Greetings delvers! While the holiday season rapidly approaches, we’re not slowing down in our efforts to continue your hero’s journey. This week’s adventure brings your characters to the gates of the Free City of Kasar in A Sworded Adventure, based on the original Tunnels & Trolls solo written by the justifiably infamous Ken St. Andre and remastered by MetaArcade’s Alexey Rybak.

A Sworded Adventure first appeared in the winter of 1979 as a mini-solo in issue 5 of Flying Buffalo’s iconic magazine, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and was later included in the Fellowship of the Troll’s Adventurers Compendium in 2014. We’ve kept the spirit of Ken’s original work—including all the mishaps a luckless adventurer might encounter in the big city—while working to expand the adventure to a full-length solo.

This tale of a wide-eyed barbarian confronted with the wonders and ills of civilization makes for the ideal next entry in the Crown of Klade campaign arc. The story follows your travels from Grey Barrow in The Ascendant, to Buffalo Castle and Blue Frog Tavern, and picks up where you leave off at the end of Sword for Hire:


“After wandering through the barren hills of the Ruined Lands for several weeks, you finally arrive at the walls of the fabled Free City of Kasar. The main trade hub of these lands, Kasar seems to represent everything you wanted to see when you left Grey Barrow: opportunity, glamour and – most importantly – civilization.

You know your legacy – the crown of your long-gone people is yours by birthright and by merit – but battered armor and a rusty weapon would not help you reclaim it. To wear the Crown of Klade one day, you need a weapon worthy of a ruler. And Kasar might be just the place to get it.”


The adventure provides your heroes with their first taste of city life. There’s less of an emphasis on combat than in the previous installments of the campaign—after all, you’re not expected to go rampaging through the streets. Nor does your success rely on gold: the weapons you look for here are special, and will require more than cash to acquire. And while Ken’s original work was set in the Imperial City of Khazan, we’ve moved the adventure to Kasar to set the stage for the next two chapters of the campaign. (Perhaps veteran Tunnels & Trolls players can guess what those adventures might be?)


Beyond delivering our sixteenth adventure, we’ve got more exciting news this week: we’ve added more firepower to the MetaArcade team! Those of you who have been following our journey know that we’ve been working closely with the illustrious Fellowship of the Troll to bring Tunnels & Trolls Adventures to life.


Today, we’re thrilled to announce we’ve brought the mighty Steve Crompton on board to spearhead our community outreach. Many of you know Steve and his work already: he was hired to work at Flying Buffalo as a teenager, and over the years has contributed art and cartography to all eight of the Grimtooth’s Traps books, artwork for the Nuclear War card game, art for the CityBook series, and (of course) has made numerous contributions to Tunnels & Trolls. Steve is also the creator of all the blogs for the official Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls site.

We’ve been working with Steve since the beginning of MetaArcade, where he’s worked to restore the original covers and digitally color much of the black-and-white interior art from the classic T&T modules for use in the MetaArcade app. Steve will continue his work with Flying Buffalo in his new expanded role with MetaArcade, where he’ll be adding the MetaArcade blog to his writing along with serving as the point person with the T&T community.

And now, a few words from Steve himself:


“Hi all! Steve Crompton here. Some of you may already know me from the Deluxe T&T blog or the T&T Facebook page where I regularly comment. I actually worked on many of the old solitaire adventures back in the 1980’s. I’m very excited to be part of the MetaArcade team and to be able to help get the word out about the latest developments in the T&T Adventures app. On top of that, I hope I can be a conduit for those of you who have suggestions, questions or problems that I can try to aid you with. In the meantime, keep playing and get ready for more adventures (and surprises) yet to come!”


Please join us in wishing Steve the warmest of trollish welcomes, and stay tuned for his first MetaArcade blog next week—where he just might have a holiday gift to share with everyone!

Until then, we hope you enjoy A Sworded Adventure, and as always, happy delving!

The MetaArcade Team