Heed the heroes charge in Sword for Hire—a duo adventure!

Happy Thursday, adventurers! We hope you’re enjoying all the latest updates that came with the Tunnels & Trolls™ Adventures v2.0.66 build earlier this week. We’ve gathered a ton of great feedback from those of you already playing the new update, and would encourage anyone who hasn’t played and participated in our super-awesome-and-relatively-short survey to do so before next week. We’ll even throw in twenty Hearts for completing the survey: our way of saying thanks for sharing your experience and helping us build better adventures in the future!

While Monday’s Tunnels & Trolls Adventures build was a big step forward for the game, it was only the first of this week’s updates dropping into your Tunnels & Trolls app. Today, we’re back to introduce our fifteenth official adventure—SWORD FOR HIREand to announce our official release of the app in new territories and regions around the world! This should come as great news for our fans waiting to play the game in Europe, Japan, and other areas in need of a quick adventure! In fact, we're releasing the game (in English only, for now) everywhere outside of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Macau. So if you haven’t done so already, visit the iTunes or Google Play store, download the app, and join us on an adventure!

As mentioned above, Sword for Hire is the fifteenth official solo adventure and the fourth chapter of the Crown of Klade campaign arc. The story follows your ongoing adventures at and around the Blue Frog Tavern, where your new friend, Quartz, has an assignment for you:

For once, the Blue Frog Tavern is quiet enough to enjoy a drink…at least for the moment. Quartz, the tavern’s owner, approaches you with a job.

His cousin, Igneous, has gone missing at a nearby outpost in the Ruined Lands. He suspects he got drunk and wandered off to take on the outpost all by himself, which means it’s up to you to bring him back safe. The task is simple: navigate the Ruined Lands, find Igneous, and (with his help) escape the outpost. Oh, and try not to kill each other in the process…
— Foreword: Sword for Hire

As one of our more narrative-driven stories, Sword for Hire introduces Igneous to aid in your journey and fight alongside you in battle—similar to Quartz's role in Blue Frog Tavern. With his help, you can explore three unique paths and endings—each with their own challenges and achievements. Play through the adventure a few times to experience and unlock all them…perhaps using a few of those Hearts we provide for completing our survey… (*wink*)


Before you dive in, you can check out the latest set of update notes over here, which includes a list of bug-fixes for some of our previous adventures. You can also come talk with us about your experience on the official subreddit, where we’re looking forward to hearing what YOU think about Sword for Hire.

Thanks for joining us on our latest adventure; good luck saving Igneous, and happy delving!

The MetaArcade Team