It's a Fine Day for a Drink at the Blue Frog Tavern

Good day, adventurers, and happy Thursday! With only one week until the MetaArcade team ventures home for the Thanksgiving holiday (here in the United States), we can’t help but get excited about the parallels with this week’s adventure: a classic Tunnels & Trolls™ journey with all the food, drinks, and camaraderie that comes with the holiday season. So this week, kick up your boots, grab a goblet, and join our table at the Blue Frog Tavern!

Those of you familiar with the classic Tunnels & Trolls anthology should recognize the adventure; originally published in January of 1981, it was the fifteenth official solo adventure to join the T&T collection. Now, with a bit of remastering and a few revisions for the digital era, we’re thrilled to reintroduce the story nearly 37 years later as our fourteenth official adventure and the third chapter in the Crown of Klade campaign arc!

Having journeyed beyond the borders of Grey Barrow and conquered the halls of Buffalo Castle, your path now takes you to the plains of Theranos—known more widely as “the Ruined Lands”—home to the Blue Frog Tavern:

“The Ruined Lands”; the residue of powerful magics cast centuries ago deter most life from taking root on the desolate plain—long abandoned by the empire that once ruled over these lands.

If ever there was a hub in the Ruined Lands, the Blue Frog Tavern is it: a refuge to the lost, the dregs, and the outcasts hailing from a multitude of civilizations and races. In a region of the world where there is no ruler, no laws, and no government, the tavern is the one neutral zone where all can grab a drink, trade gossip and stories, and warm themselves by the fire.

As you settle into your newfound watering hole, it doesn’t take long for trouble to catch up with you. Will you help defend the fragile peace of the region, or simply pass through on the way to your next adventure?
— Foreword: Blue Frog Tavern

Blue Frog Tavern is a great low-to-mid-level adventure for heroes who already have some basic weapons and armor, a level or two, and around 30 combat adds to help tip the scales of combat in their favor. For perspective: if you’ve already completed The Ascendant and Buffalo Castle, you should be ready to make the journey to the Blue Frog Tavern. There, you’ll find a unique adventure with several distinct paths and decisions that will change the course of your story. We’ve even hidden five new achievements, new weapons and armor for you to earn in the adventure, so be sure to revisit each path to unlock them all!


A map showing the distinct routes and choices you'll make in Blue Frog Tavern.


Now, while you’re enjoying the latest Tunnels & Trolls adventure, we still have plenty more excitement in store for the weeks ahead! We’ve been listening closely to the bits and pieces of feedback you guys have provided since the launch of the game, and we’re working hard on a major app update coming your way in the very near future. This is something we touched on back in our Q4 Update, and which comes with some notable improvements to the game:

  • Improved performance and stability
  • Scrolling improvements when navigating menus
  • Added sound and music in adventures where it was missing
  • Improved responsiveness of the inventory, including when selling items
  • Bug fixes galore, including the issue which caused people to lose experience and gold upon completion of an adventure
  • …and more!

We'll dive deeper into the update as we get closer to its release. In the meantime, you can participate in our development process by joining us on our official subreddit, where you can talk about your experience, ask questions, and interact with the MetaArcade team:

Stay tuned for more, and be sure to visit our social channels for more updates and announcements throughout the week. Thanks for being a part of Tunnels & Trolls Adventures, and happy delving!

The MetaArcade Team