Get Lost in the Labyrinth

Greetings, delvers, and happy November! As fall takes hold in Seattle, we’re still firing things up at MetaArcade with new adventures coming your way every other week and a major app update on the way later this month. In fact, over the course of this month's releases, we're introducing huge improvements to Tunnels & Trolls™ Adventures: including much-needed performance fixes for Android users, quality-of-life changes to the app and game, and a handful of bug fixes aimed at eliminating issues you helped uncover during your adventures. All of this (and more) is on the way, culminating in the release of the game in new areas of the world later this month, including for our European and East Asian friends. November has plenty of excitement in store, and you’re invited to be there every step of the way; come talk with us, help improve the game, and ensure that we're always choosing the right path!

With so much on the way this month, we want to keep you busy while you're waiting! In fact, we're just as excited to introduce you to our latest adventure as we are about all the cool stuff coming down the line. Even better: the new adventure is already available in your Tunnels & Trolls library (seriously, you don't have to wait; you can go play it right now)! So, without further ado, let us welcome you to the Labyrinth!

A bit of history: Labyrinth will ring with familiar tones for those of you who are up-to-date on your ancient Greek mythology. It's a tale of gods, epic adventures, and of the legendary monsters that stand between our hero(es) and glory. Inspired by the original Tunnels & Trolls story of the same name, Labyrinth drops you into the shoes of a classic Greek hero confronting the ancient maze, where you’ll face both the dangers and drama of the classic Greek tales.

Here’s how the new adventure begins:

You, like countless others before you, have been drawn to the ruins of an ancient civilization—the stones so time-worn that they almost blend seamlessly with their natural stone surroundings. Those who claim to have entered and returned from the ruins speak of an ancient labyrinth buried beneath the ground, and share tales of a fearsome beast that lives within: a Minotaur who eats intruders or kills them entirely for sport.

After bribing a local guide to help you find the entrance of the labyrinth, she is quick to depart when you finally reach the cave-like opening. “It’s a place outside of time,” she warns. “The Labyrinth hasn’t changed in hundreds of years, and it never will. The Minotaur is still down there…waiting…”

Undeterred by the rumors, you step into the ancient labyrinth, ready to face whatever dangers lie within.
— Foreword: Labyrinth

Unlike other adventures, the Labyrinth is the first story to transcend the rules of reality. As your guide noted: it's a place that hasn't changed for centuries, and isn't likely to bend to the ambitions of a plucky mortal hero. As you pass through the maze, you will find that the places you made safe will not remain that way for long, and that retracing your steps will lead to the same challenges you confronted before. Be wary!

The first adventure since The Ascendant, Labyrinth is a side-story—a standalone adventure set apart from the Crown of Klade campaign arc. It’s recommended for mid-level characters (around Level 10, or with around 50 combat adds) looking for a stepping stone before the more difficult adventures—a place where you can test your skills, earn experience, and find some cool loot in the dangerous and (possibly) deadly labyrinth.


Artwork from the Labyrinth adventure pays homage to ancient Greek myth.


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We hope you enjoy the Labyrinth, and we’ll see you in the dungeon!

-The MetaArcade Team