Journey Deeper into the Mistywood

Happy Thursday, delvers!

As we’ve been teasing over the last week, it’s time to go hands-on with another remastered Tunnels & Trolls™ adventure. Today, we’re venturing deep into a dark and foreboding forest with the release of Mistywood, now available in your adventure library!

Your story kicks off with an interesting predicament for your hero:

As you sip the thin, bitter ale served at the Bumley village inn, you can’t help but remember the fight in Kasar where you spilled the guts of a drunken nobleman who insulted and attacked you. It was a clear-cut case of self-defense, but it doesn’t change the fact that the young rake was the only son and heir of the Grand Duke Karl Bronzo—perhaps better-known as the Tyrant of Kasar.

There was little else you could do but flee as the Grand Duke’s guard turned the city upside down in their hunt for you. Now you find yourself at the inn on the border of the mysterious Mistywood—a haunted forest that may be your one chance at salvation as you search for refuge from the Duke’s men.

Mistywood is our latest full-sized, mid-level adventure for your tried and true heroes! If you’ve survived a few of our early-level and mini solo adventures, Mistywood will be a perfect opportunity for you to play and prepare for the true challenges offered in Overkill. We’d recommend giving it a shot around Level 4-7, as doing so will ensure that you have the experience, training, and the gear you need to face the challenges head-on.


Mistywood artwork by Josh Kirby (left) and Michael Kucharski (right).


This is one of our favorite stories in the Tunnels & Trolls library: offering plenty of branching paths and choices, several side quests with valuable rewards to aid in your journey, and an engaging tale as you flee your pursuers in search of escape. The adventure is now available, so give it a try and let us know how you fare! You can post your feedback, ask questions, and even chat with the MetaArcade team over on the official subreddit:

While you’re enjoying our latest adventure, the MetaArcade team is already hard at work building the next stories, making improvements to the game, and preparing for a future full of player-made adventures. More official news about our work and the road ahead is on the way next week, so be sure to watch for it and other announcements via our social channels:


We look forward to talking with you on the forum and hearing your tales of adventure in the dark forest. Happy delving!

-The MetaArcade Team