Inside the MetaArcade (Oct. 26, 2017)


A very spooky Thursday to you, delvers! With only a few days until Halloween, we figured it’d be smart to check in with a weekly update before we suppress our higher brain functions with candy and cider. That, or should the holiday spirit compel us to start translating Stephen King’s works into horrifying Tunnels & Trolls adventures (“introducing ‘Pennywise’s Paradise’ and ‘The Shining: Dungeon Edition’…”).

As an aside, what Halloween/horror stories do YOU think would make the best Tunnels & Trolls adventures? Let us know in the comments.

Before we digress too far into madness (in the spirit of the holiday, of course), let’s begin with some exciting news from last week: as hinted-to in our last blog post, we are very happy to welcome our eighth full-time troll to MetaArcade, Sam Riordan (@justsamplease). Sam is joining our content team as a designer on Tunnels & Trolls Adventures, meaning we now have THREE full-time storytellers preparing new and remastered adventures for the T&TA catalog. Here’s a look at Sam’s story:

I’ve written stories for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been drawn to escapism: in immersing yourself entirely in another world. The older I got, and the more I studied and practiced different forms of writing, the more I was drawn to interactive storytelling. Games, in my opinion, are the most immersive storytelling tool of all. In games, you can become another person entirely and shape the course of a story. A book can’t let you do that. Neither can a TV show or movie. Only interactive fiction and games can engage the reader—or player—so fully in the experience.

I write because I want people to get lost in stories the way I did growing up. I want people to feel like they have some measure of control—if not in their own lives, then at least in a fictional character’s. Hopefully my work at MetaArcade can give that to our players!

Sam’s arrival will be a huge boon as we continue to build new adventures for our Tunnels & Trolls catalog. We’re excited to continue releasing new stories for you to explore every other week, and to begin creating meaningful campaign arcs that tell the ongoing story of your hero. So join us in welcoming Sam and celebrating the growth of our small team!

Since last week’s release of The Ascendant, we’ve been talking with many of you about the adventure on the official subreddit, Twitter, and around the interwebs! So far, your feedback has been incredibly positive: whether your a new delver starting the game as a brand-new character or jumping into it with your most tried and tested heroes. If you haven't had the opportunity to contribute to the discussion, come join us—all are welcome, and we're excited to hear your feedback!

This week, the team is already hard at work building the next grand adventure. We're excited for the new story: think Tunnels & Trolls meets ancient Greek mythology! Based on a classic Tunnels & Trolls adventure, the new story will drop into the catalog next Thursday (11/2); be on the alert for more teasers next week!

With so many new adventures on the way, we want to be sure you’re prepared for anything we throw your way. No matter where you’re at in the leveling process, you should take a moment to check out our new STARTER GUIDES posted on the subreddit wiki. They provide some helpful tips for getting started in the game, particularly for those of you who are unfamiliar with Tunnels & Trolls or taking your first steps into the world.

You can check out all the tips and get answers to frequently asked questions here:

We’ll reveal more about the upcoming adventure next week, so stay tuned. Until then, happy hunting, happy Halloween, and we’ll see you in the dungeons!

-The MetaArcade Team