Android Beta Instructions

We use Google Play to manage all pre-release builds of the MetaArcade Adventure Player for Android Devices.  It will present the MetaArcade Adventure Player to you in a fashion that is similar to any other app in the Google Play Store.  However, only you and others in Closed Beta will be able to see or search for the app.  Please keep in mind that we are sending the invite to the e-mail that we think is associated with your Google Play device. The instructions below should be carried out on the mobile Android device you want to play on.  This currently will not work for Amazon devices. If you were part of our Sneak Peek program that used HockeyApp, we are no longer using HockeyApp.

1. Make sure that you are logged into the Google account that is both associated with your Android Device, and that you gave to MetaArcade.

2. Make sure that you have deleted any previous instances of the MetaArcade Adventures from your device.

3. Navigate to this link on your Android Device: a.

4. You should get a page that looks like below. Confirm that it says “You are a tester” at the bottom.

5. Click "Download the MetaArcade Adventures app" and it should take you to a page that looks like this:

8. Click on the install button highlighted in the red box above:

9. Choose “Accept” on what MetaArcade Adventures needs access to. 

10. If a Wifi Box pops up, just proceed.

11. Download should proceed:

12. Once download is complete, now you can play by pressing “Open”.

Click "OPEN"

If you encounter any problems, please write to